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Janko Lavrin's influential biography of Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1948, analyses the bond between Nietzsche's personal fate on the one hand and the trend of his thought on the other, set against the background of contemporary crisis typical of mankind in general.

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Foucault, Marxism and Critique

Foucault, Marxism and Critique

1st Edition

By Barry Smart
September 03, 2013

In this work, originally released in 1983, Barry Smart examines the relevance of Foucault's work for developing an understanding of those issues which lie beyond the limits of Marxist theory and analysis - issues such as 'individualising' forms of power, power-knowledge relations, the rise of 'the ...

Truth and Eros Foucault, Lacan and the question of ethics.

Truth and Eros: Foucault, Lacan and the question of ethics.

1st Edition

By John Rajchman
September 03, 2013

In this reissused work, first published in 1991, John Rajchman isolates the question of ethics in the work of Foucault and Lacan and explores its ramifications and implications for the present day. He demonstrates that the question of ethics was at once the most difficult and the most intimate ...

Foucault and Education Disciplines and Knowledge

Foucault and Education: Disciplines and Knowledge

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen J. Ball
February 02, 2010

First published in 1990, this book was the first to explore Foucault's work in relation to education, arguing that schools, like prisons and asylums, are institutions of moral and social regulation, complex technologies of disciplinary control where power and knowledge are crucial. Original and ...

Cultural Analysis The Work of Peter L. Berger, Mary Douglas, Michel Foucault, and Jürgen Habermas

Cultural Analysis: The Work of Peter L. Berger, Mary Douglas, Michel Foucault, and Jürgen Habermas

1st Edition

By Robert Wuthnow, James Davison Hunter, Albert J. Bergesen, Edith Kurzweil
May 27, 2010

First published in 1984, Cultural Analysis is a systematic examination of the theories of culture contained in the writings of four contemporary social theorists: Peter L. Berger, Mary Douglas, Michel Foucault, and Jürgen Habermas. This study of their work clarifies their contributions to the ...

RLE: Michel Foucault (5 Vols)

RLE: Michel Foucault (5 Vols)

1st Edition

By Various
December 08, 2009

Providing a detailed and in depth analysis of one of the most important sociologists of the twentieth century, this Routledge Library Edition brings together some of the most significant and insightful scholarship on Michel Foucault published in the past quarter of a century. ...

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