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Routledge Library Editions: North Africa

    1274 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This set collects together a range of titles that together examine a broad spectrum of North African topics. A book on Algeria studies the independence movement as it assumed the responsibilities of power, another examines the process of decolonisation in Algeria. Other titles focus on development and politics in North Africa, and The Last Arab Jews details the last remaining Jewish community in the region.

    1. Algeria: the Revolution Institutionalized John P. Entelis  2. Algeria and France: From Colonialism to Cooperation Dorothy Pickles  3. Contemporary North Africa: Issues of Development and Integration Edited by Halim Barakat  4. The Last Arab Jews: the Communities of Jerba, Tunisia Abraham L. Udovitch, Lucette Valensi and Jacques Perez  5. North Africa: Nation, State, and Region Edited by George Joffe


    Halim Barakat, Abraham L. Udovitch, Lucette Valensi, George Joffé, Dorothy Pickles, John P. Entelis