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Routledge Library Editions: Plato

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    Plato is perhaps the best known and most widely studied of all the ancient Greek philosophers. A pupil of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle, his ideas have inspired and influenced scholars of nearly every era. His famous series of dialogues have become a standard part of the western philosophical canon – from the Euthyphro and Gorgias of his early period, the Republic, Phaedrus and Symposium of his middle period, to the Theaetetus and Laws of his late period.The Routledge Library Edition makes available in a single set an outstanding range of scholarship devoted to Plato’s philosophical work. Routledge Library Editions:Plato makes available in a single set an outstanding range of scholarship devoted to Plato’s philosophical work. The 21 volumes provide detailed analysis of his writings and philosophical ideas. From the classic works of Francis Cornford, G. C. Field and A.E. Taylor to more recent approaches and interpretations, this set provides libraries and scholars with a century of outstanding scholarship on this key philosopher.

    1. Plato's 'Euthyphro' and the Earlier Theory of Forms R. E. Allen 2. Studies in Plato's Metaphysics Edited by R. E. Allen 3. New Essays on Plato and Aristotle Edited by Renford Bambrough 4. Plato's Life and Thought R. S. Bluck 5. Plato and Hegel Gary K. Browning 6. An Examination of Plato's Doctrines Vol 1. I. M. Crombie 7. An Examination of Plato's Doctrines Vol 2. I. M. Crombie 8. Plato: The Midwife's Apprentice I. M. Crombie 9. Plato Today R. H. S Crossman 10. Plato's Philebus Donald Davidson 11. Plato and His Contemporaries G. C. Field. 12. Plato and the English Romantics E. Douka Kabitoglou 13. Plato and Socrates Richard McKirahan 14. Unity and Development in Plato's Metaphysics William J. Prior 15. Plato and the Individual H. D. Rankin 16. Plato's Metaphysics of Education Samuel Scolnicov 17. Plato's Use of Fallacy Rosamond Kent Sprague 18. Plato: The Man and His Work A. E. Taylor 19. Plato: Timaeus and Critias A. E. Taylor 20. The Message of Plato Edward J. Urwick 21. Greek Aesthetic Theory John G. Warry


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