1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Police and Policing 25 Volume Set

    5692 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 25-volume set has titles originally published between 1951 and 1995. It explores several different aspects of the police and their approaches to policing over the years. Many of the titles are from the 1980s, where the police were beginning to come under increasing scrutiny and their relationship with the public was under pressure. Topics include: accountability, community policing, police work, policy, training, along with international comparisons. Ongoing debates of police accountability and police race relations today mean this collection is a timely resource for those interested in criminology, particularly the recent history of the police and their role in society.

    1. Police Work Peter B. Ainsworth & Ken Pease (1987) ISBN 978-1-032-45280-7

    2. Introducing Policework Michael Brogden, Tony Jefferson, & Sandra Walklate (1988) ISBN 978-1-032-41583-3

    3. Police Governance in England and Wales Arthur Brown (1998) ISBN 978-1-032-43677-7

    4. The Police Revolution Peter Evans (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-45106-0

    5. Joining Forces: Police Training, Socialization and Occupational Competence Nigel G. Fielding (1988) ISBN 978-1-032-42416-3

    6. Interpreting Policework: Policy and Practice in Forms of Beat Policing Roger Grimshaw & Tony Jefferson (1987) ISBN 978-1-032-41779-0

    7. The British Police Jenifer M. Hart (1951) ISBN 978-1-032-41655-7

    8. The Case Against Paramilitary Policing Tony Jefferson (1990) ISBN 978-1-032-44888-6

    9. Race, Riots and Policing: Lore and Disorder in a Multi-Racist Society Michael Keith (1993) ISBN 978-1-032-42194-0

    10. The Framework of Criminal Justice Michael King (1981) ISBN 978-1-032-42166-7

    11. Police Powers and Accountability John L. Lambert (1986) ISBN 978-1-032-41898-8

    12. Policing a Perplexed Society Sir Robert Mark (1977) ISBN 978-1-032-41944-2

    13. Police and Government: The Status and Accountability of the English Constable Geoffrey Marshall (1965) ISBN 978-1-032-41937-4

    14. Comparative Policing Issues: The British and American System in International Perspective R. I. Mawby (1990) ISBN 978-1-032-41928-2

    15. The Police, Public Order and Civil Liberties: Legacies of the Miners’ Strike Sarah McCabe & Peter Wallington with John Alderson, Larry Gostin and Christopher Mason (1988) ISBN 978-1-032-42009-7

    16. Community, Policing and Accountability: The Politics of Policing in Manchester in the 1980s Eugene McLaughlin (1994) ISBN 978-1-032-41216-0

    17. Coming to Terms with Policing: Perspectives on Policy Rod Morgan & David J. Smith (Eds) (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-41559-8

    18. Modern Policing David Watts Pope & Norman L. Weiner (Eds) (1981) ISBN 978-1-032-43600-5

    19. Police and Public Order in Europe John Roach & Jürgen Thomaneck (Eds) (1985) ISBN 978-1-032-42661-7

    20. Community Policing Evelyn B. Schaffer (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-41548-2

    21. Policing by the Public Joanna Shapland & Jon Vagg (1988) ISBN 978-1-032-41773-8

    22. Social Changes Crime and Police: International Conference June 1– 4, 1992 Budapest, Hungary Louise Shelley & József Vigh (Eds) (1995) ISBN 978-1-032-45643-0

    23. Innovations in Policing Mollie Weatheritt (1986) ISBN 978-1-032-44347-8

    24. Police Research: Some Future Prospects Mollie Weatheritt (Ed.) (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-43956-3

    25. The Police in Society Ben Whitaker (1984) ISBN 978-1-032-43780-4


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.