1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Prison and Prisoners 18 Volume Set

    4332 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 18-volume set has titles originally published between 1934 and 1992. Prison as a form of punishment dates back as far as the Romans and has evolved over time into the institution we see today. This collection covers a whole range of issues such as how prisons are run; how imprisonment affects the prisoners themselves; the impact on their families and children; what happens on their release, including employment, social-skills and aftercare. Still an ongoing topic of discussion today, this collection will be of interest to all those interested in criminology and particularly the prison system.

    1. Prisoners of Society: Attitudes and After-Care Martin Davies (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-55962-9

    2. Prison Crisis Peter Evans (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-56395-4

    3. The Modern English Prison L. W. Fox (1934) ISBN 978-1-032-56411-1

    4. Imprisonment in England and Wales: A Concise History Christopher Harding, Bill Hines, Richard Ireland & Philip Rawlings (1985) ISBN 978-1-032-55860-8

    5. The English Prisons: Their Past and Their Future D. L. Howard (1960) ISBN 978-1-032-56691-7

    6. Open Prisons Howard Jones, Paul Cornes, assisted by Richard Stockford (1977) ISBN 978-1-032-56012-0

    7. A Taste of Prison: Custodial Conditions for Trial and Remand Prisoners Roy D. King & Rodney Morgan (1976) ISBN 978-1-032-56669-6

    8. Albany: Birth of a Prison – End of an Era Roy D. King & Kenneth W. Elliott (1978) ISBN 978-1-032-56258-2

    9. The Use of Imprisonment: Essays in the Changing State of English Penal Policy Seaìn McConville (Ed.) (1975) ISBN 978-1-032-56877-5

    10. Prison: A Symposium George Mikes (Ed.) (1963) ISBN 978-1-032-56523-1

    11. Prisoners and their Families Pauline Morris (1965) ISBN 978-1-032-56270-4

    12. Stress, Crowding, and Blood Pressure in Prison Adrian M. Ostfeld, Stanislav V. Kasl, David A. D'Atri & Edward F. Fitzgerald (1987) ISBN 978-1-032-55721-2

    13. Justice for Juveniles: The 1969 Children and Young Persons Act: A Case for Reform? Philip Priestley, Denise Fears & Roger Fuller (1977) ISBN 978-1-032-56940-6

    14. Social Skills in Prison and the Community: Problem Solving for Offenders Philip Priestley, James McGuire, David Flegg, Valerie Hemsley, David Welham & Rosemary Barnitt (1984) ISBN 978-1-032-57112-6

    15. Jail Journeys: The English Prison Experience Since 1918 Philip Priestley (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-56317-6

    16. Prisoners’ Children: What are the Issues? Roger Shaw (Ed.) (1992) ISBN 978-1-032-57281-9

    17. The Prisoner's Release: A Study of the Employment of Ex-Prisoners Keith Soothill (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-57228-4

    18. Lag's Lexicon: A Comprehensive Dictionary and Encyclopædia of the English Prison of To-day Paul Tempest (Compiled by) (1950) ISBN 978-1-032-57460-8


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.