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Routledge Library Editions: Public Enterprise and Privatization

    Routledge Library Editions: Public Enterprise and Privatization (14 Volume set) presents titles, originally published between 1933 and 1991. The set covers both public enterprise and privatization and the impact they have had in the developed and developing world from the start of the twentieth century through to the early 1990s. Written by key figures in the field, it will be of particular interest to students of business, economics, finance and industry.

    1. British Public Utilities and National Development Marshall E. Dimock (1933)

    2. Politics, Finance and the Role of Economics: An Essay on the Control of Public Enterprise C.D. Foster (1971)

    3. Public Enterprise and Economic Development A.H. Hanson (1959)

    4. Public and Private Enterprise: The Lindsay Memorial Lectures 1964 John Jewkes (1965)

    5. State Capital and Private Enterprise: The Case of the UK National Enterprise Board Daniel C. Kramer (1988)

    6. Public Enterprise in Britain: Thoughts on Recent Experiences V.V. Ramanadham (1959)

    7. Public Enterprise and the Developing World V.V. Ramanadham (Ed.) (1984)

    8. The Nature of Public Enterprise V.V. Ramanadham (Ed.) (1984)

    9. Public Enterprise: Studies in Organisational Structure V.V. Ramanadham (Ed.) (1986)

    10. Privatisation in the UK V.V. Ramanadham (Ed.) (1988)

    11. Public Enterprise and Income Distribution V.V. Ramanadham (1988)

    12. Privatisation in Developing Countries V.V. Ramanadham (Ed.) (1989)

    13. The Economics of Public Enterprise V.V. Ramanadham (1991)

    14. Economic Analysis and Public Enterprises Ralph Turvey (1971)


    Various Authors