1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Puritanism

    3474 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published between 1930 and 1988 many of the volumes in this set are based upon years of painstaking archival research in private and published papers. They provide many insights into the Puritan world of the early 17th Century and:

    • Analyse the economic depression in the mid-1600s and the resultant unemployment and poverty which caused social upheaval.
    • Discuss the importance of the divisions among the Puritans for political processes within both the church and wider society.

    • Examine the motivation of the Puritans who emigrated.
    • Discuss the impact the Puritan family had on the spiritual development of the Anglo-American world.

    1. J. T. Cliffe The Puritan Gentry: The Great Puritan Families of Early Stuart England  978-1-003-10962-4

    2. J. T. Cliffe Puritans in conflict : the Puritan gentry during and after the civil wars 978-0-367-62576-4

    3. Patrick Collinson The Elizabethan Puritan Movement 978-0-367-62596-2

    4. Allen French Charles I and the Puritan Upheaval 978-0-367-62605-1

    5. T. R. Glover Poets and Puritans 978-0-367-62663-1

    6. Margaret James Social Problems and Policy during the Puritan Revolution, 1640-1660 978-0-367-61012-8

    7. Peter Lake Anglicans and Puritans? : Presbyterianism and English Conformist thought from Whitgift to Hooker 978-0-367-62958-8

    8. Edited by Stuart E. Prall The Puritan Revolution 978-0-367-62840-6

    9. Levin L. Schücking The Puritan Family 978-0-367-62884-0

    10. Owen C. Watkins The Puritan Experience 978-0-367-62859-8


    By various authors who are experts in their areas