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Routledge Library Editions: Revolution in England

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    by Routledge

    Routledge Library Editions: Revolution in England examines the turbulent times that led to the English revolution and civil war as new political and religious ideas led to the overthrow of the king and establishment of a republic. Modern ideas of democracy were established then, and are analysed here in a series of books that look at the various radical sects such as the Nonjurors and Levellers that espoused new political thought and ways of living.

    1. A History of Political Thought in the English Revolution Perez Zagorin  2. Allegiance in Church and State: The Problem of the Nonjurors in the English Revolution L.M. Hawkins  3. The Court and the Country: The Beginning of the English Revolution Perez Zagorin  4. Cromwell and Communism: Socialism and Democracy in the Great English Revolution Eduard Bernstein  5. From Revolution to Revolution: England 1688–1776 John Carswell  6. Leveller Manifestoes of the Puritan Revolution Edited, with introduction and commentaries by Don M. Wolfe  7. A Nation of Change and Novelty: Radical Politics, Religion and Literature in Seventeenth-Century England Christopher Hill  8. Reflections on the Puritan Revolution A.L. Rowse