1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Revolution

    8794 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection gathers together 31 previously out-of-print titles focusing on revolution – the political, economic, military and social aspects of the overthrow of state power. Ranging from nineteenth-century France to late-twentieth-century Caribbean, these books analyse the forms of revolt and the aftermaths of revolution, examining the types of government that result and the reactions of international opinion.

    1. Armies in Revolution John Ellis  2. Army and Revolution: France 1815–1848 Douglas Porch  3. Between Two Revolutions Peter Waldron  4. Black Democracy: The Story of Haiti H.P. Davis  5. The Body and the French Revolution Dorinda Outram  6. The Challenge Road: Women in the Eritrean Revolution Amrit Wilson  7. Creative Revolution: A Study of Communist Ergatocracy Eden & Cedar Paul  8. The Cuban Revolution and Latin America Boris Goldenberg  9. The Cyprus Revolt Nancy Crawshaw  10. Europe in 1830: Revolution and Political Change Clive H. Church  11. Eyes Across the Channel Clare A. Simmons  12. Georges Cuvier: Vocation, Science and Authority in Post-Revolutionary France Dorinda Outram  13. Grenada: Revolution and Invasion Anthony Payne, Paul Sutton and Tony Thorndike  14. Hungary 1956 Revisited Ferenc Feheìr and Agnes Heller  15. The International Crisis in the Caribbean Anthony Payne  16. Libya: Qadhafi's Revolution and the Modern State Lillian Craig Harris  17. Nationalism and Communism Hugh Seton-Watson  18. Neither War Nor Peace Hugh Seton-Watson  19. The Pattern of Communist Revolution Hugh Seton-Watson  20. The People's Republics of Eastern Europe Jürgen Tampke  21. The Political Economy of Revolutionary Nicaragua Edited by Rose J. Spalding  22. The Popular Revolutions of the Late Middle Ages Michel Mollat and Philippe Wolff  23. The Portuguese Armed Forces and the Revolution Douglas Porch  24. Profit and Poverty in Rural Vietnam Rita Liljeström, Eva Lindskog, Nguyen Van Ang and Vuong Xuan Tinh  25. Revolution and Reaction: 1848 and the Second French Republic Edited by Roger Price  26. Revolutionary Afghanistan Beverley Male  27. Revolutions and Peace Treaties 1917–1920 Gerhard Schulz  28. The Ruhr and Revolution Jürgen Tampke  29. Seven Women Against the World Margaret Goldsmith  30. Studies in Revolution E.H. Carr  31. Western Reports on the Taiping Prescott Clarke and J.S. Gregory