1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Romanticism

    7803 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set reissues 28 books on Romanticism originally published between 1940 and 2006. Routledge Library Editions: Romanticism provides an outstanding collection of scholarship which explores not only Romantic literature but the Romantic Movement as a whole, including art, philosophy and science.

    Romanticism and Ideology: Studies in English Writing 1765-1830 David Aers, Jon Cook and David Punter;  Romanticism Edited by James Barbour and Thomas Quirk;  A Concordance to the Poems of John Keats Michael G. Becker, Robert J. Dilligan and Todd K. Bender;  Immortal Boy: A Portrait of Leigh Hunt Ann Blainey;  The Farthing Poet: A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne 1802-84 Ann Blainey;  River of Dissolution: D. H. Lawrence and English Romanticism Colin Campbell Clarke;  Southey Kenneth Curry;  Tradition and Romanticism: Studies in English Poetry from Chaucer to W. B. Yeats Benjamin Ifor Evans;  Romantic Mythologies Ian Fletcher;  European Romanticism: Self-Definition Lilian R. Furst;  Matthew Arnold and the Romantics Leon Gottfried;  The Genevese Background: Studies of Shelley, Francis, Danby, Maria Edgeworth, Ruskin, Meredith, and Joseph Conrad in Geneva, with Hitherto Unpublished Letters Hans Walter Haeusermann;  Romantic Science and the Experience of Self Martin Halliwell;  Romantic Bards and British Reviewers: A Selected Edition of the Contemporary Reviews of the Works of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Keats and Shelley Edited by John Olin Hayden;  The Romantic Reviewers, 1802-1824 John Olin Hayden;  The Byronic Teuton: Aspects of German Pessimism, 1800-1933 Cedric Hentschel;  The Romantic Poets Graham Goulder Hough;  Poetry of the Romantic Period James Robert de Jager Jackson;  Radical Sensibility: Literature and Ideas in the 1790s Chris Jones;  Science in the Romantic Era David M. Knight;  Romanticism, Hermeneutics and the Crisis of the Human Sciences Scott Masson;  The Romantic Movement Alan Menhennet;  Romanticism Larry H. Peer and Diane Long Hoeveler;  The Romantics Edited by Stephen Prickett;  The Post-Romantics Edited by Donald Serrell Thomas;  The Victorian Romantics 1850-1870 T. E. Welby;  Beyond Romanticism: New Approaches to Texts and Contexts 1780-1832 Edited by John C Whale and Stephen Copley;  Reflections on Revolution: Images of Romanticism Edited by Alison Yarrington and Kelvin Everest


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.