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Routledge Library Editions: Security and Society 12 Volume Set

    3172 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This 12-volume set contains titles, originally published between 1934 and 1995. An eclectic mix of titles, this collection draws from anthropology, economics, ethics, politics, psychology and sociology. Exploring security in both war and peacetime it includes volumes looking at: the causes of war and its effect on society as a whole; the soldiers themselves and their place in society; the portrayal of war in the press, both in words and photographs and the politics behind them.

    1. Social Order and the General Theory of Strategy Alexander Atkinson (1981)

    2. The Soldier in Modern Society J. C. M. Baynes (1972)

    3. War, Economy and the Military Mind Geoffrey Best & Andrew Wheatcroft (Eds) (1979)

    4. War and Ideology Eric Carlton (1990)

    5. Soldiers as Statesmen Peter Dennis & Adrian Preston (Eds) (1976)

    6. Merchants of Death: A Study of the International Armament Industry H. C. Englebrecht & F. C. Hanighen (1934)

    7. Military Ethics: Guidelines for Peace and War N. Fotion & G. Elfstrom (1986)

    8. Paradoxes of War: On the Art of National Self-Entrapment Zeev Maoz (1990)

    9. Feuding and Warfare: Selected Works of Keith F. Otterbein Keith F. Otterbein (Ed.) (1994)

    10. War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents Mark Pedelty (1995)

    11. Genetic Seeds of Warfare: Evolution, Nationalism and Patriotism R. Paul Shaw & Yuwa Wong (1989)

    12. War Photography: Realism in the British Press John Taylor (1991)


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.