1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Taxation

    3150 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set gathers together ten essential texts on Taxation. Covering the history of taxation from the seventeenth century to the modern day, these titles range over tax legislation, income taxes, taxation in communist countries, tax and government, and universal income.

    1. English Taxation, 1640-1799: An Essay on Policy and Opinion William Kennedy  2. From Creditor to Debtor: The U.S. Pursuit of Foreign Capital - The Case of the Repeal of the Withholding Tax Giuseppe Ammendola  3. The Impact of Tax Legislation on Corporate Income Security Planning for Retirees Ruth Ylvisaker Winger  4. The Incidence of Income Taxes Duncan Black  5. The Income Tax and the Progressive Era John D. Buenker  6. Instead of the Dole: An Enquiry into Integration of the Tax and Benefit Systems Hermione Parker  7. The Macroeconomic Effects of War Finance in the United States: Taxes, Inflation, and Deficit Finance Lee E. Ohanian  8. Taxation by Political Inertia: Financing the Growth of Government in Britain Richard Rose and Terence Karran  9. Taxation in Centrally Planned Economies P.T. Wanless  10. Taxing Personal Wealth: An Analysis of Capital Taxation in the United Kingdom - History, Present Structure and Future Possibilities C.T. Sandford