1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: The Adolescent 18 Volume Set

    4464 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 18-volume set has titles originally published between 1932 and 1997 and covers many facets of adolescent life. Approached from a number of perspectives including sociological, psychological and educational, individual volumes examine key adolescent issues: from behaviour, family life and relationships, to school and (un)employment. This collection will be a great resource for those interested in the adolescent and their place in society throughout the twentieth century.

    1. Disability in Adolescence Elizabeth M. Anderson & Lynda Clarke in collaboration with Bernie Spain (1982) ISBN 978-1-032-38989-9

    2. Adolescent Girlhood Mary Chadwick (1932) ISBN 978-1-032-38458-0

    3. Educating Adolescent Girls E. M. Chandler (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-38249-4

    4. Adolescent Life and Ethos: An Ethnography of a US High School Heewon Chang (1992) ISBN 978-1-032-39067-3

    5. Relationships in Adolescence John C. Coleman (1974) ISBN 978-1-032-38002-5

    6. Youth Policy in the 1990s: The Way Forward John C. Coleman & Chris Warren-Adamson (Eds) (1992) ISBN 978-1-032-38009-4

    7. Reading, Writing and Resistance: Adolescence and Labor in a Junior High School Robert B. Everhart (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-38055-1

    8. Social Work with Adolescents Ray Jones & Colin Pritchard (Eds) (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-37819-0

    9. Disclosures to a Stranger: Adolescent Values in an Advanced Industrial Society Tom Kitwood (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-38128-2

    10. Disadvantaged Post-Adolescents: Approaches to Education and Rehabilitation Reuven Kohen-Raz (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-38534-1

    11. Adolescent Drinking and Family Life Geoff Lowe, David R. Foxcroft & David Sibley (1993) ISBN 978-1-032-38142-8

    12. Eighty Thousand Adolescents: A Study of Young People in the City of Birmingham by the Staff and Students of Westhill Training College Bryan H. Reed (1950) ISBN 978-1-032-39813-6

    13. AIDS and Adolescents Lorraine Sherr (1997) ISBN 978-1-032-39831-0

    14. Educational Systems for Disruptive Adolescents Keith J. Topping (1983) ISBN 978-1-032-38073-5

    15. The Adolescent Child W. D. Wall (1948) ISBN 978-1-032-38711-6

    16. Adolescent Boys of East London Peter Willmott (1966) ISBN 978-1-032-38491-7

    17. The Hawkspur Experiment: An Informal Account of the Training of Wayward Adolescents W. David Wills (1941) ISBN 978-1-032-38045-2

    18. Growing up with Unemployment: A Longitudinal Study of its Psychological Impact Anthony H. Winefield, Marika Tiggemann, Helen R. Winefield & Robert D. Goldney (1993) ISBN 978-1-032-38422-1


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.