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1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: The German Economy

ISBN 9781138293601
Published June 8, 2017 by Routledge

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Book Description

Originally published between 1930 and 1992 the volumes in this set:

  • address a number of central issues relating to the nature of German industrialisation, including the role of foreign competition in fostering technological change, the importance of market integration for economic development and the response of German banks to industrialisation.
  • offer a picture of the upsurge of New Unionism and the growth of old unions, and look at the severe setbacks which occurred in the labour movements of Britain and Germany between the 1880s and the First World War.
  • analyze how the East German economy actually operated - planning and management, pricing, investment and innovation and the financial system
  • provide detailed comparative analysis of how local authorities in the UK and Germany faced up to the challenge of trying to help local industry and improve employment prospects.
  • provide a multi-faceted analysis of German unemployment between 1873 and 1913.

Table of Contents

1. Edited by Norbert Altmann, Christoph Kohler and Pamela Meil Technology and work in German industry 978-0-415-79121-2/ebook 978-1-315-21248-7 2. Graeme. W. Dean, Frank L. Clarke, Oliver Finley Graves Replacement costs and accounting reform in post-World War I Germany 978-0-415-78647-8/ebook 978-1-315-22732-0 3. Geoffrey R Denton, Murray Forsyth and Malcolm Cameron Maclennan Economic planning and policies in Britain, France and Germany 978-0-415-78598-3/ ebook 978-1-315-22805-1 4. Carola M. Frege Social partnership at work : workplace relations in post-unification Germany 978-0-415-78575-4/ebook 978-1-315-22808-2 5. Linda Abramson Heilman Industrial unemployment in Germany, 1873-1913 978-1-138-72898-1/ebook 978-1-315-18981-9 6. Edited by Ian Jeffries and Manfred Melzer. Trans by Eleonore Breuning and Ian Jeffries The East German Economy 978-1-138-73002-1/ebook 978-1-315-18927-7 7. Nevil Johnson and Allan Cochrane Economic policy making by local authorities in Britain and West Germany 978-0-415-78807-6/ebook 978-1-315-22558-6 8. Peter A. Lawrence Managers and management in West Germany 978-0-415-78873-1/ebook 978-1-315-22305-6 9. Edited by W. R. Lee German industry and German industrialisation : essays in German economic and business history in the nineteeth and twentieth centuries  978-0-415-78862-5/ebook 978-1-315-22326-1 10. Ian Maitland The causes of industrial disorder : a comparison of a British and a German factory 978-0-415-78423-8/ebook 978-1-315-22852-5 11. Edited by Wolfgang J. MommsenHans-Gerhard Husung The Development of trade unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914 978-0-415-79137-3/ebook 978-1-315-21229-6 12. Gustav Stolper German Economy, 1870-1940 978-0-415-78817-5/ebook 978-1-315-22551-7 13. Philip Barrett Whale Joint stock banking in Germany : a study of the German creditbanks before and after the War 978-0-415-78900-4/ebook 978-1-315-22301-8

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