1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: The Labour Movement

    10608 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set of 44 volumes, originally published between 1924 and 1995, amalgamates a wide breadth of research on the Labour Movement, including labour union history, the early stages and development of the Labour Party, and studies on the working classes. This collection of books from some of the leading scholars in the field provides a comprehensive overview of the subject how it has evolved over time, and will be of particular interest to students of political history.

    1. Labour in London: A Study in Municipal Achievement Brian Barker (1946)  2. Labour's Utopias: Bolshevism, Fabianism, Social Democracy Peter Beilharz (1992)  3. Labour into the Eighties Edited by David S. Bell (1980)  4. The First Labour Party 1906-1914 Edited by Kenneth D. Brown (1985)  5. A History of the Labour Party from 1914 G. D. H. Cole (1948)  6. British Trade Unionism To-Day G. D. H. Cole (1945)  7. British Working Class Politics, 1832-1914 G. D. H. Cole (1941)  8. Workshop Organisation G. D. H. Cole (1973)  9. The British Co-operative Movement in a Socialist Society G. D. H. Cole (1951)  10. Organised Labour: An Introduction to Trade Unionism G. D. H. Cole (1924)  11. The Life of Robert Owen G. D. H. Cole (1965)  12. Doctrine and Ethos in the Labour Party H. M. Drucker (1979)  13. New Jerusalems: The Labour Party and the Economics of Democratic Socialism Elizabeth Durbin (1985)  14. John Wheatley, Catholic Socialism, and Irish Labour in the West of Scotland, 1906-1924 Gerry C. Gunnin (1987)  15. Trade Unions and the Labour Party since 1945 Martin Harrison (1960)  16. Reshaping Labour: Organisation, Work and Politics John Holford (1988)  17. Workers at Play: A Social and Economic History of Leisure, 1918-1939 Stephen G. Jones (1986)  18. The British Labour Movement and Film, 1918-1939 Stephen G. Jones (1987)  19. Employers and Labour in the English Textile Industries, 1850-1939 Edited by J.A. Jowitt and A.J. McIvor (1988)  20. Democratic Socialism and the Cost of Defence: The Report and Papers of the Labour Party Defence Study Group Edited by Mary Kaldor, Dan Smith and Steve Vines (1979)  21. The French Workers' Movement: Economic Crisis and Political Change Edited by Mark Kesselman with the Assistance of Guy Groux (1984)  22. The Democratic Class Struggle Walter Korpi (1983)  23. King Labour: The British Working Class, 1850-1914 David Kynaston (1976)  24. Liberalism and the Rise of Labour 1890-1918 Keith Laybourn and Jack Reynolds (1984)  25. Keir Hardie: The Making of a Socialist Fred Reid (1978)  26. Political Purpose in Trade Unions Irving Richter (1973)  27. The Political Dimension of Labor-Management Relations: National Trends and State Level Developments in Massachusetts (Volume I) Phillip Saunders (1986)  28. The Political Dimension of Labor-Management Relations: National Trends and State Level Developments in Massachusetts (Volume II) Phillip Saunders (1986)  29. Ben Tillett: Portrait of a Labour Leader Jonathan Schneer (1982)  30. Labour's Conscience: The Labour Left, 1945-51 Jonathan Schneer (1988)  31. Labour: The Unions and the Party Bill Simpson (1973)  32. The Changing Labour Party Edited by Martin J. Smith and Joanna Spear (1992)  33. Recollections of a Labour Pioneer Francis William Soutter (1984)  34. Protest or Power? A Study of the Labour Party Margaret Stewart (1974)  35. What's Left?: Women in Culture and the Labour Movement Julia Swindells and Lisa Jardine (1989)  36. The Trade Unions and the Labour Party Andrew Taylor (1987)  37. The Fifth Estate: Britain's Unions in the Seventies Robert Taylor (1978)  38. The Labour Party and Whitehall Kevin Theakston (1992)  39. Labour Relations and Political Change in Eastern Europe: A Comparative Perspective Edited by John Thirkell, Richard Scase and Sarah Vickerstaff (1995)  40. The International Labour Organisation: The First Decade Albert Thomas (1931)  41. Reconstruction, Affluence and Labour Politics: Coventry, 1945-1960 Nick Tiratsoo (1990)  42. Labour's Battle in the U.S.A: The Fight for Industrial Unionism John Raymond Walsh (1938)  43. The Labour Party in Crisis Paul Whiteley (1983)  44. An Infantile Disorder?: The Crisis and Decline of the New Left Nigel Young (1977)