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Routledge Library Editions: The Medieval World

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Published July 12, 2019 by Routledge
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Book Description

The volumes in this set, originally published between 1938 and 1994, draw together research by leading academics in the area of medieval history and medieval literature, and provide a rigorous examination of related key issues. The volume examines medieval history from the early Middle Ages, right up until the Reformation, as well as the effect of the medieval period on later cultures, such as the Victorians. This collection draws together books on the monarchy, medieval philosophy, religion, art, music, psychology and architecture as well as volumes on medieval archeology. The collection also brings together key volumes on medieval literature of the period, with formative works examining medieval religious literature, medieval legends and oral tradition. The collection also includes titles examining specific poems from the period such as Piers Plowman, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Pearl, as well as volumes on influential writers of the period such as Jean Froissant, John Lydgate and Margery Kempe. This collection brings back into print a collection of insightful and detailed books on the diverse medieval period and will be a must have resource for academics and students, not only of history and literature, but of anthropology, music, psychology and religion.

Table of Contents

1. Literature and Law in the Middle Ages, John A. Alford and Dennis P. Seniff

2. The Writer as Liar, Guido Almansi

3. Oral Poetics in Middle English Poetry, edited by Mark C. Amodio

4. Medieval English Drama, Sidney E. Berger

5. A Reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, J.A. Burrow

6. A History of Europe from 911 to 1198, Z.N. Brooke

7. Origins of English Feudalism, R. Allen Brown

8. Medieval Music, John Caldwell

9. The Protean Text, Kimberlee Anne Campbell

10. A History of Early Medieval Europe, 476 to 911, Margaret Deanesly

11. The Medieval Charlemagne Legend, edited by Susan E. Farrier

12. The Short Lyric Poems of Jean Froissart, Kristen Mossler Figg

13. Medieval Minds, Thomas F. Graham

14. Themes and Images in the Medieval English Religious Lyric, Douglas Gray

15. The Long-haired Kings, and Other Studies in Frankish History, J.M. Wallace Hadrill

16. English Mediaeval Pilgrimage, D.J. Hall

17. The Law Courts of Medieval England, A. Harding

18. Medieval English Benedictine Liturgy, Sally Elizabeth (Roper) Harper

19. From Roman Empire to Renaissance Europe, Denys Hay

20. Medieval Logic and Metaphysics, D.P. Henry

21. Medieval Monarchy in Action, Boyd H. Hill Jr

22. The Church in Early Irish Society, Kathleen Hughes

23. Piers Plowman: Critical Approaches, edited by S.S. Hussey

24. Middle English Literature , George Kane

25. The Medieval Consolation of Philosophy , Noel Harold Kaylor Jr

26. The Pearl: An Interpretation, P.M. Kean

27. The Castle in England and Wales, D.J. Cathcart King

28. Animals in Art and Thought to the End of the Middle Ages, Francis Klingender, edited by Evelyn Antal and John, Harthan

29. Modalities in Medieval Philosophy, Simo Knuuttila

30. Gold was the Mortar, Henry Kraus

31. Medieval Liturgy, edited by Lizette Larson-Miller

32. Medieval Texts and Images, edited by Margaret M. Manion and Bernard J. Muir

33. Margery Kempe, edited by Sandra J. McEntire

34. Memorization in the Transmission of the Middle English Romances, Murray McGillivray

35. The English Medieval Feast, William Edward Mead

36. The Later Middle Ages, edited by Stephen Medcalf, Nicola Coldstream, Marjorie Reeves and David Starkey

37. The Image of the Middle Ages in Romantic and Victorian Literature, Kevin L. Morris

38. John Lydgate, Derek Pearsall

39. Old English and Middle English Poetry, Derek Pearsall

40. The Poetry of John Lydgate, Alain Renoir

41. The Middle English Mystics, Wolfgang Riehle

42. The Purchase of Paradise, Joel T. Rosenthal

43. The High Middle Ages, 1200-1540, Trevor Rowley

44. The Norman Heritage 1055, Trevor Rowley

45. The Origins of Open-field Agriculture, Trevor Rowley

46. The Medieval World of Nature, edited by Joyce E. Salisbury

47. The Medieval Foundations of England, G.O. Sayles

48. Exploring Castles, W. Douglas Simpson

49. Piers Plowman and Prophecy, Theodore L. Steinberg

50. English Justice between the Norman Conquest and the Great Charter, 1066-1215, Doris Stenton

51. Justice and Mercy in Piers Plowman, Myra Stokes

52. Alliterative Poetry of the Later Middle Ages, Thorlac Turville-Petre

53. Early Middle English Literature, R.M. Wilson

54. The Lost Literature of Medieval England, R.M. Wilson

55. The Royal Demesne in English History, B.P. Wolffe

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