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Routledge Library Editions: The Victorian World

    by Routledge

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    This set of 49 volumes, originally published between 1932 and 2010, are authored by some of the most renowned international scholars in the field of Victorian history. They cover: social and political thought, family and domestic life, Victorian cities, the Victorian class system, culture and religion in Victorian Britain.

    1. Three Victorian Travellers: Burton, Blunt, Doughty Thomas J. Assad 2. Independent Spirits: Spiritualism and English Plebeians 1850-1910 Logie Barrow 3. The Working Class in England 1875-1914 Edited by John Benson 4. Signs for the Times: Symbolic Realism in the Mid-Victorian World Chris Brooks 5. The England of Henry Taunt, Victorian photographer: His Thames, his Oxford, his Home Counties and travels, his portraits, times and ephemera Bryan Brown 6. Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in Nineteenth-Century Europe Edited by Geoffrey Crossick and Heinz-Gerhard Haupt 7. The Petite Bourgeoisie in Europe 1790-1914 Geoffrey Crossick and Heinz-Gerhard Haupt 8. An Artisan Elite in Victorian Society: Kentish London, 1840-1880 Geoffrey Crossick 9. The Lower Middle Class in Britain, 1870-1914 Geoffrey Crossick 10. The Workhouse System, 1834-1929: The History of an English Social Institution M. A. Crowther 11. Leisure in the Industrial Revolution, c.1780-c.1880 Hugh Cunningham 12. The Conquest of Mind: Phranology & Victorian Social Thought David De Giustino 13. Reform and Intellectual Debate in Victorian England Edited by Barbara Dennis and David Skilton 14. Keeping the Victorian House: A Collection of Essays Vanessa D. Dickerson 15. The Campaign for prohibition in Victorian England: The United Kingdom Alliance 1872-1895 A. E. Dingle 16. Hewett Cottrell Watson Frank N. Egerton 17. Henry Irving: A Re-Evaluation of the Pre-Eminent Victorian Actor-Manager Edited by Richard Foulkes 18. Instrumental Teaching in Nineteenth-Century Britain David J. Golby 19. The Victorian Clergy Alan Haig 20. Emigrant Gentlewomen: Genteel Poverty and Female Emigration, 1830-1914 A. James Hammerton 20. Chartist Fiction: Volume 1 Ian Haywood 22. Chartist Fiction: Volume 2 Ian Haywood 23. The Literature of Struggle: An Anthology of Chartist Fiction Ian Haywood 24. Domestic Servants and Households in Rochdale 1851-1871 Edward Higgs 25. Class and Conflict in Nineteenth Century England, 1815-1850 Edited by Patricia Hollis 26. Victorian Divorce Allen Horstman 27. Land and People in Nineteenth-century Wales David W. Howell 28. A Victorian Childhood Annabel Huth Jackson 29. Working-Class Stories of the 1890s Peter Keating 30. Victorian Magic Geoffrey Lamb 31. Class and religion in the late Victorian City Hugh Mcleod 32. The Victorian Church in Decline: Archbishop Tait and the Church of England, 1868-1882 Peter T. Marsh 33. Lord and peasant in Nineteenth Century Britain Dennis R. Mills 34. Class and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century R. S. Neale 35. Victorian Aspirations: The life and labour of Charles and Mary Booth Belinda Norman-Butler 36. Victorians at Home and Away Janet and Peter Phillips 37. Victorian Studies: A Research Guide Sharon W. Propas 38. The Victorian working class: Selections from Letters to the 'Morning Chronicle' P. E. Razzell and R. W. Wainwright 39. Paternalism in Early Victorian England F. David Roberts 40. Victorian Theatrical Burlesques Richard W. Schoch 41. Splendidly Victorian Michael H. Shirley and Todd E.A. Larson 42. Conflict and Compromise: Class Formation in English society 1830-1914 Dennis Smith 43. The Radical Soldier's Tale: John Pearman, 1819-1908 Carolyn Steedman 44. Popular culture and custom in Nineteenth-Century England Edited by Robert D. Storch 45. The Irish in the Victorian City Edited by Roger Swift and Sheridan Gilley 46. Nonconformity in the Nineteenth Century David M. Thompson 47. Samuel Smiles and the Victorian Work Ethic Tim Travers 48. Victorian Oxford William R. Ward 49. South Wales and the rising of 1839 Ivor Wilks




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