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Routledge Library Editions: Trade Unions

    6328 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set of 23 volumes, originally published between 1934 and 1994 sheds much light on the history of industrial relations and working-class organisation in the UK. They analyse trade union structure, organization and government and look at the pattern of union activity in the workplace. Containing fascinating insider accounts of developments in British industrial relations they analyse the impact of the changing economic and political climate on trade unions in Europe and use a series of comparative case studies to examine change in the government, growth, mergers, character and bargaining structures of British unions. They provide an introduction to the characteristics and styles of trade unionism in Europe and offer a comprehensive guide to the complex structure and administration of British Trade Unions as well as analysing the relationship between political parties and trade unions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

    1. Peter Armstrong Bob Carter, Chris Smith and Theo Nichols White collar workers, trade unions and class

    2. Philip S. Bagwell The Railwaymen Vol 1

    3. Philip S. Bagwell The Railwaymen Vol 2

    4. Walter Milne-Bailey Trade Unions and the State.

    5. Anthony Carew Democracy and government in European trade unions

    6. Derek Fatchett Trade unions and politics in the 1980s

    7. Allan David Flanders Trade Unions.

    8. Joseph Goldstein The Government of British Trade Unions

    9. Kevin Hawkins Trade unions

    10. Edited by Otto Jacobi, Bob Jessop, Hans Kastendiek and Marino Regini Economic crisis, trade unions and the state

    11. Clive Jenkins and Barrie Sherman Collective Bargaining

    12. Clive Jenkins and Barrie Sherman White-collar unionism : the rebellious salariat

    13. T. L. Johnston Collective Bargaining in Sweden

    14. Edited and translated by T. L. Johnston Economic Expansion and Structural Change.

    15. J. T. Murphy Modern Trade Unionism.

    16. Edited by E. Owen Smith Trade unions in the developed economies

    17. Will Paynter British trade unions and the problem of change.

    18. Alice Prochaska History of the General Federation of Trade Unions, 1899-1980

    19. R. W. Rideout Trade unions and the law.

    20. R. Undy, V. Ellis, W. E. J. McCarthy and A. M. Halmos Change in trade unions

    21. Horatio Vester and Anthony H. Gardner Trade Unions and the Law.

    22. Edited by Michael Waller, St├ęphane Courtois and Marc Lazar Comrades and brothers

    23. Edited by Michael Waller and Martin Myant Parties, trade unions and society in east-central Europe


    Peter Armstrong, Bob Carter, Chris Smith, Theo Nichols, Philip S. Bagwell, Walter Milne-Bailey, Anthony Carew, Derek Fatchett, Allan David Flanders, Joseph Goldstein, Kevin Hawkins, Otto Jacobi, Bob Jessop, Hans Kastendiek, Marino Regini, Clive Jenkins, Barrie Sherman, T. L. Johnston, J. T. Murphy, E. Owen Smith, Will Paynter, Alice Prochaska, R. W. Rideout, R. Undy, V. Ellis, W. E. J. McCarthy, A. M. Halmos, Horatio Vester, Anthony H. Gardner, Michael Waller, St├ęphane Courtois, Marc Lazar and Martin Myant.