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Routledge Methodist Studies Series

About the Series

Editorial Board: Ted A. Campbell, David N. Hempton, Priscilla Pope-Levison, Martin Wellings and Karen B. Westerfield Tucker

Methodism remains one of the largest denominations in the USA and is growing in South America, Africa and Asia (especially in Korea and China). This series spans Methodist history and theology, exploring its success as a movement historically and in its global expansion. Books in the series will look particularly at features within Methodism which attract wide interest, including: the unique position of the Wesleys; the prominent role of women and minorities in Methodism; the interaction between Methodism and politics; the ‘Methodist conscience’ and its motivation for temperance and pacifist movements; the wide range of Pentecostal, holiness and evangelical movements; and the interaction of Methodism with different cultures.

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The Practice of Mission in Global Methodism Emerging Trends From Everywhere to Everywhere

The Practice of Mission in Global Methodism: Emerging Trends From Everywhere to Everywhere

1st Edition


Edited By David W. Scott, Darryl W. Stephens
January 09, 2023

This book brings together Methodist scholars and reflective practitioners from around the world to consider how emerging practices of mission and evangelism shape contemporary theologies of mission. Engaging contemporary issues including migration, nationalism, climate change, postcolonial ...

John Wesley's Political World

John Wesley's Political World

1st Edition

By Glen O’Brien
October 21, 2022

This book employs a global history approach to John Wesley’s (1703–1791) political and social tracts. It stresses the personal element in Wesley’s political thought, focusing on the twin themes of ‘liberty and loyalty’. Wesley’s political writings reflect on the impact of global conflicts on ...

Henry Foxall’s Journals, 1816-1817 Transatlantic Methodism in Transition

Henry Foxall’s Journals, 1816-1817: Transatlantic Methodism in Transition

1st Edition

By Jane Donovan
August 09, 2022

This book introduces four journals that Henry Foxall (1758–1823) kept during a trip to the British Isles in 1816–1817. It provides unique primary source material, extensively annotated for clarity and context. Foxall’s journals offer an eyewitness account of Methodist embourgeoisement and ...

The Monastic Footprint in Post-Reformation Movements The Cloister of the Soul

The Monastic Footprint in Post-Reformation Movements: The Cloister of the Soul

1st Edition

By Kenneth C. Carveley
April 15, 2022

This book examines the influence of the monastic tradition beyond the Reformation. Where the built monastic environment had been dissolved, desire for the spiritual benefits of monastic living still echoed within theological and spiritual writing of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as a ...

Anglican-Methodist Ecumenism The Search for Church Unity, 1920-2020

Anglican-Methodist Ecumenism: The Search for Church Unity, 1920-2020

1st Edition

Edited By Jane Platt, Martin Wellings
December 31, 2021

This book offers a detailed analysis of one of the key episodes of twentieth-century ecumenism, focusing on the efforts made to reconcile the Church of England and the Methodist Church of Great Britain in the years since the First World War. Drawing on newly available archives as well as on a broad...

The Methodist Church in Poland Activity and Political Conditions, 1945–1989

The Methodist Church in Poland: Activity and Political Conditions, 1945–1989

1st Edition

By Ryszard Michalak
November 25, 2021

This book explores the development and activity of the Methodist Church in Poland, focusing on the political conditions under which it functioned after 1945. In particular it considers the role of party and state power, and the nature and impact of religious policy towards the Church. The chapters ...

Thomas Wride and Wesley’s Methodist Connexion

Thomas Wride and Wesley’s Methodist Connexion

1st Edition

By Clive Murray Norris
February 25, 2020

This book highlights the life and writings of an itinerant preacher in John Wesley’s Methodist Connexion, Thomas Wride (1733-1807). Detailed studies of such rank and file preachers are rare, as Methodist history has largely been written by and about its leadership. However, Wride’s ministry shows ...

Wesley, Whitefield and the 'Free Grace' Controversy The Crucible of Methodism

Wesley, Whitefield and the 'Free Grace' Controversy: The Crucible of Methodism

1st Edition

By Joel Houston
November 11, 2019

When approaching the most public disagreement over predestination in the eighteenth century, the ‘Free Grace’ controversy between John Wesley and George Whitefield, the tendency can be to simply review the event as a row over the same old issues. This assumption pervades much of the scholarly ...

The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley's Hymns

The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley's Hymns

1st Edition

By Julie A. Lunn
November 29, 2018

Sanctification is a central theme in the theology of both John and Charles Wesley. However, while John’s theology of sanctification has received much scholarly attention, significantly less has been paid to Charles’ views on the subject. This book redresses this imbalance by using Charles’ many ...

Wesley and Aldersgate Interpreting Conversion Narratives

Wesley and Aldersgate: Interpreting Conversion Narratives

1st Edition

By Mark K. Olson
August 08, 2018

Despite being widely recognized as John Wesley’s key moment of Christian conversion, Aldersgate has continued to mystify regarding its exact meaning and significance to Wesley personally. This book brings clarity to the impact this event had on Wesley over the course of his lifetime by closely ...

Women Pioneers in Continental European Methodism, 1869-1939

Women Pioneers in Continental European Methodism, 1869-1939

1st Edition

Edited By Paul W. Chilcote, Ulrike Schuler
July 30, 2018

Despite the fact that women are often mentioned as having played instrumental roles in the establishment of Methodism on the Continent of Europe, very little detail concerning the women has ever been provided to add texture to this historical tapestry. This book of essays redresses this by ...

Methodist Worship Mediating the Wesleyan Liturgical Heritage

Methodist Worship: Mediating the Wesleyan Liturgical Heritage

1st Edition

By R. Matthew Sigler
June 27, 2018

What makes Methodist worship "Methodist" or "Wesleyan?" How do Methodists evaluate emerging forms of worship in light of their own liturgical heritage? This book considers these questions by bringing to light the work and significance of three Methodist liturgists who have until now received ...

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