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Routledge Open Business and Economics provides a platform for the open access publication of monographs and edited collections across the full breadth of these disciplines including accounting, finance, management, marketing and political economy. Reflecting our commitment to supporting open access publishing, this series provides a key repository for academic research in business and economics.

Books in the series are published via the Gold Open Access model and are therefore available for free download and re-use according to the terms of Creative Commons licence. They can be accessed via the Routledge and Taylor & Francis website, as well as third party discovery sites such as the Directory of OAPEN Library, Open Access Books, PMC Bookshelf, and Google Books.

Note that the other Business and Economics series at Routledge also all accept open access books for publication.

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Sensitivity Analysis for Business, Technology, and Policymaking Made Easy with Simulation Decomposition (SimDec)

Sensitivity Analysis for Business, Technology, and Policymaking: Made Easy with Simulation Decomposition (SimDec)

1st Edition


Edited By Mariia Kozlova, Julian Scott Yeomans
October 14, 2024

SimDec is a revolution in decision-making support. SimDec “teases out” inherent cause-and-effect relationships and reveals the intricacy of relationships between sets of input and output variables. At its core, SimDec is an amalgamation of uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis with an ...

Crowdsourcing in Management Research A New Tool for Scientific Inquiry

Crowdsourcing in Management Research: A New Tool for Scientific Inquiry

1st Edition


By Regina Lenart-Gansiniec
August 01, 2024

Crowdsourcing in Management Research explores the evolving landscape of academic research in the context of contemporary legal, social, cultural, and technological shifts. The book delves into the intricate processes and challenges associated with managing crowdsourcing initiatives in science. It ...

Effective Financial Communication Key Concepts, Empirical Insights, and Implications for Practice

Effective Financial Communication: Key Concepts, Empirical Insights, and Implications for Practice

1st Edition


By Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Nadine Strauß
July 26, 2024

Financial communication and investor relations are strategic corporate functions, tasked with fostering relationships with financial audiences. These financial audiences are of critical importance to the establishment, growth and sustainable success of corporations and ultimately determine ...

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Supply Chain CSR Collaboration with Suppliers

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Supply Chain: CSR Collaboration with Suppliers

1st Edition


By Monika Jedynak
July 18, 2024

Due to the growing importance of global interdependencies, Corporate Social Responsibility has become an important issue both for the business and the entire society. Customers expect corporate social responsibility, and if an organization is insensitive to these issues, it runs the risk of losing ...

Digital Transformation in Educational Organizations Leadership, Innovation and Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation in Educational Organizations: Leadership, Innovation and Industry 4.0

1st Edition


By Paweł Poszytek
June 07, 2024

Technological transformation should lead to enhance people’s potential and the development of their cognitive and social competences, especially those connected with effective communication on different levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified all these processes and, for better resilience and...

Philosophy and Leadership An Evolution of Leadership from Ancient Times to the Digital Age

Philosophy and Leadership: An Evolution of Leadership from Ancient Times to the Digital Age

1st Edition

By Łukasz Sułkowski, Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz, Katarzyna Szczepańska-Woszczyna
May 13, 2024

Philosophy and Leadership is an ambitious exploration of leadership's philosophical underpinnings from antiquity to the AI-driven future. The book journeys through history, gleaning insights from eminent philosophers and contextualizing their teachings to leadership. The book's foundational premise...

Digitization, Trust and SMEs

Digitization, Trust and SMEs

1st Edition

By Anna Wziątek-Staśko, Karolina Pobiedzińska
March 27, 2024

This book exposes two inspiring research categories: digitization and trust. Digitization is a phenomenon that dynamically modifies the modern world in almost every area. Modern technologies, artificial intelligence and humanoid robots are instruments with an increasingly significant impact on the ...

The European Digital Economy Drivers of Digital Transition and Economic Recovery

The European Digital Economy: Drivers of Digital Transition and Economic Recovery

1st Edition

Edited By Judyta Lubacha, Beata Mäihäniemi, Rafał Wisła
December 22, 2023

The “digital economy” is a conceptual umbrella referring to markets, organizations and their networks that are based on digital technologies, communication, data processing and e-commerce. It is multidimensional and its dynamic structure must be analysed from various dimensions, such as economic – ...

Organizing Sustainable Development

Organizing Sustainable Development

1st Edition

Edited By Aneta Kuźniarska, Karolina Mania, Monika Jedynak
September 11, 2023

The role and meaning of sustainable development have been recognized in the scientific literature for decades. However, there has recently been a dynamic increase in interest in the subject, which results in numerous, in-depth scientific research and publications with an interdisciplinary dimension...

Higher Education Institutions and Digital Transformation Building University-Enterprise Collaborative Relationships

Higher Education Institutions and Digital Transformation: Building University-Enterprise Collaborative Relationships

1st Edition

By Marcin Lis
March 30, 2023

The growing complexity, fluidity and instability of the environment as well as changing needs are challenges that both enterprises and higher education institutions must face. Higher education institutions understand that their key product, i.e. knowledge, is a value that can and should be offered ...

Managing the Digital University Paradigms, Leadership, and Organization

Managing the Digital University: Paradigms, Leadership, and Organization

1st Edition

By Łukasz Sułkowski
March 02, 2023

The reflection on university management is based on the question about the shape of universities of the future. Civic, responsible, sustainable, virtual, digital, and many other universities can be mentioned among the concepts present in the literature. All these names describe an important ...

Managing Generation Z Motivation, Engagement and Loyalty

Managing Generation Z: Motivation, Engagement and Loyalty

1st Edition

Edited By Agnieszka Niemczynowicz, Radosław Antoni Kycia, Joanna Nieżurawska
February 08, 2023

Generation Z (Gen Z) is the young generation born between the mid-1990s and 2010s. They are now entering the market and starting their first jobs. Therefore, managers must shape the company workplace environment to encourage young employees to work efficiently and connect their future with the ...

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