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Routledge Open History

About the Series

Routledge Open History provides a platform for the open access publication of monograph and edited collections across the full breadth of the discipline from Medieval History until the present day. Books in the series are available for free download and re-use according to the terms of Creative Commons licence via the Routledge and Taylor & Francis website, as well as third party discovery sites such as the Directory of OAPEN Library, Open Access Books, PMC Bookshelf, and Google Books.

Publication will be arranged via a Gold Open Access model. If you have a book proposal for the series, please contact Rob Langham at [email protected]  Note that the series is not the only platform for publishing open access at Routledge but the aim is for it to be front and central in our open access publishing in History.

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Public and Private Welfare in Modern Europe Productive Entanglements

Public and Private Welfare in Modern Europe: Productive Entanglements

1st Edition

Edited By Fabio Giomi, Célia Keren, Morgane Labbé
April 05, 2022

Since the 1980s, neoliberals have openly contested the idea that the state should protect the socio-economic well-being of its citizens, making ‘privatization’ their mantra. Yet, as historians and social scientists have shown, welfare has always been a ‘mixed economy’, wherein private and public ...

Islam and the Trajectory of Globalization Rational Idealism and the Structure of World History

Islam and the Trajectory of Globalization: Rational Idealism and the Structure of World History

1st Edition

By Louay M. Safi
October 19, 2021

The book examines the growing tension between social movements that embrace egalitarian and inclusivist views of national and global politics, most notably classical liberalism, and those that advance social hierarchy and national exclusivism, such as neoliberalism, neoconservatism, and national ...

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