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Routledge Progress in Psychology

About the Series

The Routledge Progress in Psychology series resents the latest developments in research in up and coming areas of academic and applied psychology.

The series is not restricted to any one branch of psychology, but provides a showcase of popular research trends across the discipline.

Each title will essentially be from a particular perspective, such as cognitive or social psychology, but there will also be a number of titles relevant to researchers with interests that combine areas like cognitive development.

5 Series Titles

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Foundational Analysis Presuppositions in Experimental Psychology

Foundational Analysis: Presuppositions in Experimental Psychology

1st Edition

By Pertti Saariluoma
August 12, 1997

In a critical analysis of the asumptions underlying experimental psychology, Pertti Saariluoma urges social scientists to reflect upon their procedures and methodology. He has revisited the philosophy of science to find a new way of applying its methods to psychology. Foundational Analysis shows ...

Emerging Patterns of Literacy

Emerging Patterns of Literacy

1st Edition

By Rhian Jones
June 08, 2015

In a unique study of parent-infant interactions at home, Rhian Jones analyses early reading with picture books and stories. Drawing upon psychology, linguistics and anthropology she provides a wide ranging and highly original account of the conversational 'rules' of reading dialogues, semantic ...

Philosophical Dimensions of Personal Construct Psychology

Philosophical Dimensions of Personal Construct Psychology

1st Edition

By Bill Warren
April 02, 2014

This book traces the philosophical history of Personal Construct Psychology through the broad and complex tradition of phenomenology and thinkers such as Spinoza, Hegel and Heidegger. The author also gives credit to the influence of general creative and dramatic literature across a variety of ...

Modelling the Stress-Strain Relationship in Work Settings

Modelling the Stress-Strain Relationship in Work Settings

1st Edition

By Meni Koslowsky
June 26, 1998

Meni Koslowsky presents here for the first time a way of modelling stress-strain that will enable researchers to both assess examples from the literature and correctly define and use the model in their own investigations. All stages from construction of the model to data analysis are covered, along...

Shyness Development, Consolidation and Change

Shyness: Development, Consolidation and Change

1st Edition

Edited By W. Ray Crozier
January 29, 2001

Written by some of the leading international authorities in the field, this volume provides an overview of significant contemporary psychological research into shyness. It brings together perspectives from developmental psychology, social psychology and clinical psychology....

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