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Radical Orthodoxy is one of the most talked about movements in contemporary theology. This series of books reacts against both liberal and postmodern theology to present a challenging vision of the direction theology should be taking in the new millennium.
The endeavours of Radical Orthodoxy are characterized by four crucial claims:
* secular modernity is the creation of a perverse theology
* the opposition of reason to revelation is a modern corruption
* all thought which brackets out God is ultimately nihilistic
* the material and the temporal realm of bodies, sex, art and sociality which modernity claims to value, can truly be upheld only by acknowledgement of its participation in the transcendent.

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The Possibility of Christian Philosophy Maurice Blondel at the Intersection of Theology and Philosophy

The Possibility of Christian Philosophy: Maurice Blondel at the Intersection of Theology and Philosophy

1st Edition

By Adam C. English
April 17, 2012

This is the first to book to explore Blondel's entire body of work and provides an introduction to his life and writings and their relevance to the debates surrounding the radical orthodoxy identity. Detailing Blondel's impressive research output during the first half of the twentieth ...

Philosophy, God and Motion

Philosophy, God and Motion

1st Edition

By Simon Oliver
April 09, 2013

In the post-Newtonian world motion is assumed to be a simple category which relates to the locomotion of bodies in space, and is usually associated only with physics. This book shows this to be a relatively recent understanding of motion and that prior to the scientific revolution motion ...

Truth in the Making Creative Knowledge in Theology and Philosophy

Truth in the Making: Creative Knowledge in Theology and Philosophy

1st Edition

By Robert C. Miner
November 04, 2003

Is knowing a purely passive reception of something concrete outside the mind, or when we know something, are we creating something too?Spanning more than 500 years of philosophical enquiry from the Middle Ages to the present day, Robert Miner clarifies modern philosophical conceptions of knowing as...

Liberation Theology after the End of History The refusal to cease suffering

Liberation Theology after the End of History: The refusal to cease suffering

1st Edition

By Daniel Bell
October 12, 2001

Daniel Bell assesses the impact of Christian resistance to capitalism in Latin America, and the implications of theological debates that have emerged from this. He uses postmodern critical theory to investigate capitalism, its effect upon human desire and the Church's response to it, in a thorough ...

Genealogy of Nihilism

Genealogy of Nihilism

1st Edition

By Conor Cunningham
September 20, 2002

This text re-reads Western history in the light of nihilistic logic, which pervades two millennia of Western thought. From Parmenides to Alain Badiou, via Plotinus, Avicenna, Duns Scotus, Ockham, Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, Sartre, Lacan, Deleuze and Derrida, a genealogy of ...

Speech and Theology Language and the Logic of Incarnation

Speech and Theology: Language and the Logic of Incarnation

1st Edition

By James K.A. Smith
September 27, 2002

God is infinite, but language finite; thus speech would seem to condemn Him to finitude. In speaking of God, would the theologian violate divine transcendence by reducing God to immanence, or choose, rather, to remain silent? At stake in this argument is a core problem of the conditions of divine ...

Augustine and Modernity

Augustine and Modernity

1st Edition

By Michael Hanby
May 30, 2003

Augustine and Modernity is a fresh and challenging addition to current debates about the Augustinian origins of modern subjectivity and the Christian genesis of Western nihilism. It firmly rejects the dominant modern view that the modern Cartesian subject, as an archetype of Western nihilism, ...

Culture and the Thomist Tradition After Vatican II

Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican II

1st Edition

By Tracey Rowland
April 18, 2003

Thomism's influence upon the development of Catholicism is difficult to overestimate - but how secure is its grip on the challenges that face contemporary society? Culture and the Thomist Tradition examines the crisis of Thomism today as thrown into relief by Vatican II, the twenty-first ecumenical...

Being Reconciled Ontology and Pardon

Being Reconciled: Ontology and Pardon

1st Edition

By John Milbank
April 04, 2003

Being Reconciled is a radical and entirely fresh theological treatment of the classic theory of the Gift in the context of divine reconciliation. It reconsiders notions of freedom and exchange in relation to a Christian doctrine which understands Creation, grace and incarnation as heavenly gifts, ...

Divine Economy Theology and the Market

Divine Economy: Theology and the Market

1st Edition

By D. Stephen Long
June 06, 2000

What has theology to do with economics? They are both sciences of human action, but have traditionally been treated as very separate disciplines. Divine Economy is the first book to address the need for an active dialogue between the two.D. Stephen Long traces three strategies which have been used ...

Truth in Aquinas

Truth in Aquinas

1st Edition

Edited By John Milbank, Catherine Pickstock
December 13, 2000

Provocative and sophisticated, Truth in Aquinas is a fascinating re-evaluation of a key area - truth - in the work of Thomas Aquinas. John Milbank and Catherine Pickstock's provocative but strongly argued position is that many of the received views of Aquinas as philosopher and theologian are ...

Radical Orthodoxy A New Theology

Radical Orthodoxy: A New Theology

1st Edition

Edited By John Milbank, Catherine Pickstock, Graham Ward
November 24, 1998

Radical Orthodoxy is a new wave of theological thinking that aims to reclaim the world by situating its concerns and activities within a theological framework, re-injecting modernity with theology.This collection of papers is essential reading for anyone eager to understand religion, theology, and ...

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