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Routledge Radical Orthodoxy

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Radical Orthodoxy is one of the most talked about movements in contemporary theology. This series of books reacts against both liberal and postmodern theology to present a challenging vision of the direction theology should be taking in the new millennium.
The endeavours of Radical Orthodoxy are characterized by four crucial claims:
* secular modernity is the creation of a perverse theology
* the opposition of reason to revelation is a modern corruption
* all thought which brackets out God is ultimately nihilistic
* the material and the temporal realm of bodies, sex, art and sociality which modernity claims to value, can truly be upheld only by acknowledgement of its participation in the transcendent.

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Cities of God

Cities of God

1st Edition

By Graham Ward
January 10, 2001

Cities of God traces urban culture of north America and Western Europe during the 1970s, to ask how theology can respond to the postmodern city. Since Harvey Cox published his famous theological response to urban living during the mid-1960s very little has been written to address this fundamental ...

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