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Routledge Readers in Archaeology

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The study of archaeology is becoming ever more complex for students: not only is there an enormous geographical and chronological range of data to come to terms with, there is an increasing body of theoretical and interpretive work which illuminates our study of the past, with which students need to become familiar.
The Routledge Readers in Archaeology is the only series to give students access to the most important work in the field. They provide collections of seminal articles which are international in scope. They are arranged in thematic volumes which correspond closely to the most popular courses. The papers are organised into sections which have informative introductions which contextualise the articles and summarise their key points. These Readers are invaluable tools for teaching and learning for archaeologists all over the world.

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Reader in Gender Archaeology

Reader in Gender Archaeology

1st Edition

Edited By Kelley Hays-Gilpin, David S. Whitley
May 22, 1998

This Reader in Gender Archaeology presents nineteen current, controversial and highly influential articles which confront and illuminate issues of gender in prehistory. The question of gender difference and whether it is natural or culturally constructed is a compelling one. The articles here, ...

Reader in Archaeological Theory Post-Processual and Cognitive Approaches

Reader in Archaeological Theory: Post-Processual and Cognitive Approaches

1st Edition

Edited By David S. Whitley
May 06, 1998

This Reader in Archaeological Theory presents sixteen articles of key theoretical significance, in a format which makes this notoriously complex area easier for students to understand. This volume: * provides an intellectual history of different approaches to archaeology which contextualizes the ...

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