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Routledge Research Companion to Landscape Architecture

ISBN 9781472484680
Published November 29, 2018 by Routledge
322 Pages - 12 Color & 79 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Routledge Research Companion to Landscape Architecture considers landscape architecture’s increasingly important cultural, aesthetic, and ecological role. The volume reflects topical concerns in theoretical, historical, philosophical, and practice-related research in landscape architecture – research that reflects our relationship with what has traditionally been called ‘nature’. It does so at a time when questions about the use of global resources and understanding the links between human and non-human worlds are more crucial than ever. 

The twenty-five chapters of this edited collection bring together significant positions in current landscape architecture research under five broad themes – History, Sites and Heritage, City and Nature, Ethics and Sustainability, Knowledge and Practice – supplemented with a discussion of landscape architecture education. Prominent as well as up-and-coming contributors from landscape architecture and adjacent fields including Tom Avermaete, Peter Carl, Gareth Doherty, Ottmar Ette, Matthew Gandy, Christophe Girot, Anne Whiston Spirn, Ian H. Thompson and Jane Wolff seek to widen, fuel, and frame critical discussion in this growing area.

A significant contribution to landscape architecture research, this book will be beneficial not only to students and academics in landscape architecture, but also to scholars in related fields such as history, architecture, and social studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction by the Editors

PART I: Landscape in the Rear-view Mirror: Historicizing the Field

    1. Culture, Nature: A Punkt in Spice
    2. Peter Carl

    3. Renaissance Gardens: Topicality and the Scene of Nature
    4. Clare E.L. Guest

    5. The Birth of Landscape from the Spirit of Theory: Alexander von Humboldt’s Artistic and Scientific American Travel Journals
    6. Ottmar Ette

    7. Flight from Modernity: Historicizing the Aerial Promise in Landscape Architecture
    8. Jeanne Haffner

    9. Beyond Innocence: The Norms and Forms of Colonial Urban Landscapes
    10. Tom Avermaete


      PART II: The Art of Archiving Landscapes: Tools for Capturing Moving Relationships


    11. Scenes from an Anthropocenic Archive

Christina Capetillo

7. Transareal Excursions into Landscape of Fragility and Endurance: A Contemporary Interpretation of Alexander von Humboldt’s Mobile Science

Gini Lee and Lisa Diedrich

    1. Smart Nature? Views from the Cyborg Tree
    2. Natalie Marie Gulsrud

    3. "Cloudism": Towards a New Culture of Making Landscapes
    4. Christophe Girot

    5. The Marnas Digital Archive: Exploring Practice, Theory, and Place in Space and Time
    6. Anne Whiston Spirn


      PART III: Urban Stories from a Green Planet: Green Stories from and Urban Planet


    7. The Vertical and the Horizontal: Combining Ethnographic an Geographic Methods in Understanding Landscape
    8. Gareth Doherty

    9. Toward a Somatology of Landscape: Anthropological Multinaturalism and the ‘Natural’ World
    10. Tao DuFour

    11. Designing Landscapes of Entanglement
    12. Martin Prominski

    13. Enlarging the Urban Orchestra: Re-thinking Current Approaches to Landscape Architecture
    14. Matthew Gandy—interview by Henriette Steiner

    15. City, Nature, Infrastructure: A Brief Lexicon
    16. Jane Wolff


      PART IV: Designing with the Past in the Future: Politics, Heritage and Sustainability


    17. Urgent Interventions Needed at the Territorial Scale—Now More Than Ever
    18. Kelly Shannon

    19. Landscape Architecture and Social Sustainability in an Age of Uncertainty: The Need for an Ethical Debate
    20. Shelley Egoz

    21. Coupling Environmental and Sociocultural Sustainability for Better Design: A Case Study of Emirati Neighbourhoods and Landscape
    22. Sneha Mandhan and Alan Berger

    23. Planning with Heritage: A Critical Debate Across Landscape Architecture Practice and Heritage Theory
    24. Svava Riesto and Anne Tietjen

    25. The Case to Save Socialist Space: Soviet Residential Landscapes Under Threat of Extinction
    26. Christina E. Crawford


      PART V: Philosophy of Landscape Architecture: Knowledge, Practice and Education


    27. Imaginaries in Landscape Architecture
    28. Ian H. Thompson

    29. Whose City Is It?: Public Space as Agent of Change in Marginalized Settlements in Buenos Aires
    30. Flavio Janches

    31. Khôrographos: Space-Scripting
    32. Michael Tawa

    33. Towards New Research Methodologies in Design: Shifting Inquiry Away from the Unequivocal Towards the Ambiguous
    34. Kathryn Moore

    35. Conversation on Education

Ellen Braae and Henriette Steiner with Samantha Martin-McAuliffe, Anne Bordeleau, Torben Dam, Lilli Lička, Alan Tate, Tom Nielsen, Inge Bobbink, David Grahame Shane, Catharina Dyrssen, Maggie Roe, Tao DuFour, Gini Lee, Anders Busse Nielsen, and Catherine Dee


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Ellen Braae has been Professor of Landscape Architecture Theory and Method at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2009 where she heads the research group ‘Landscape Architecture and Urbanism’.  She has been Visiting Professor at AHO, Norway (2010) and TU Delft, the Netherlands (2018). Her research bridges design and humanities with focus on transformation of post-industrial and welfare landscapes. This crossover is partly reflected in her recent book Beauty Redeemed. Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes (2015), partly in her positions as Chairman of the Danish Art Council | Architecture (2018-2021) and member of the National Independent Research Council for Culture and Communication (2011-2015).

Henriette Steiner is Associate Professor at the Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research investigates the cultural role and meaning of architecture, cities and landscapes. She is author of the book The Emergence of a Modern City: Golden Age Copenhagen 1800-1850 (2014) and has co-edited six academic volumes, including Architecture and Control (2018). She obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in 2008 and afterwards held a position as Research Associate in the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich in Switzerland for five years.