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Gadamer’s Hermeneutical Aesthetics Art as a Performative, Dynamic, Communal Event

Gadamer’s Hermeneutical Aesthetics: Art as a Performative, Dynamic, Communal Event

1st Edition


By Cynthia R. Nielsen
October 14, 2022

This book offers a sustained scholarly analysis of Gadamer’s reflections on art and our experience of art. It examines fundamental themes in Gadamer’s hermeneutical aesthetics such as play, festival, symbol, contemporaneity, enactment, art’s performative ontology, and hermeneutical identity. The ...

The Philosophy of Fiction Imagination and Cognition

The Philosophy of Fiction: Imagination and Cognition

1st Edition


Edited By Patrik Engisch, Julia Langkau
October 14, 2022

This book presents new research on the crucial role that imagination plays in contemporary philosophy of fiction. The first part of the book challenges the main paradigm set by Kendall Walton and Gregory Currie, according to which there is a necessary connection between fiction and a prescription ...

Objects of Authority A Postformalist Aesthetics

Objects of Authority: A Postformalist Aesthetics

1st Edition


By Jakub Stejskal
August 12, 2022

Is the celebrated elegance of Cycladic marble figurines an effect their Early Bronze Age producers intended? Can one adequately appreciate an Assyrian regal statue described by a cuneiform inscription as beautiful? What to make of the apparent aesthetic richness of the traditional cultures of ...

Philosophy of Sculpture Historical Problems, Contemporary Approaches

Philosophy of Sculpture: Historical Problems, Contemporary Approaches

1st Edition

Edited By Kristin Gjesdal, Fred Rush, Ingvild Torsen
April 29, 2022

Sculpture has been a central aspect of almost every art culture, contemporary or historical. This volume comprises ten essays at the cutting edge of thinking about sculpture in philosophical terms, representing approaches to sculpture from the perspectives of both Anglo-American and European ...

Radically Rethinking Copyright in the Arts A Philosophical Approach

Radically Rethinking Copyright in the Arts: A Philosophical Approach

1st Edition

By James O. Young
April 29, 2022

This book radically rethinks the philosophical basis of copyright in the arts. The author reflects on the ontology of art to argue that current copyright laws cannot be justified. The book begins by identifying two problems that result from current copyright laws: (1) creativity is restricted and (...

The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Consciousness and Phantasy Working with Husserl

The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Consciousness and Phantasy: Working with Husserl

1st Edition

By Paul Crowther
April 15, 2022

This is the first book dedicated to Husserl’s aesthetics. Paul Crowther pieces together Husserl’s ideas of phantasy and image and presents them as a unified and innovative account of aesthetic consciousness. He also shows how Husserl’s ideas can be developed to solve problems in aesthetics, ...

The Aesthetics of Virtual Reality

The Aesthetics of Virtual Reality

1st Edition

By Grant Tavinor
September 30, 2021

This is the first book to present an aesthetics of virtual reality media. It situates virtual reality media in terms of the philosophy of the arts, comparing them to more familiar media such as painting, film and photography. When philosophers have approached virtual reality, they have almost ...

Philosophy of Improvisation Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practice

Philosophy of Improvisation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Susanne Ravn, Simon Høffding, James McGuirk
June 11, 2021

This volume brings together philosophical and interdisciplinary perspectives on improvisation. The contributions connect the theoretical dimensions of improvisation with different viewpoints on its practice in the arts and the classroom. The chapters address the phenomenon of improvisation in two ...

Art, Representation, and Make-Believe Essays on the Philosophy of Kendall L. Walton

Art, Representation, and Make-Believe: Essays on the Philosophy of Kendall L. Walton

1st Edition

Edited By Sonia Sedivy
June 07, 2021

This is the first collection of essays focused on the many-faceted work of Kendall L. Walton. Walton has shaped debate about the arts for the last 50 years. He provides a comprehensive framework for understanding arts in terms of the human capacity of make-believe that shows how different arts – ...

Portraits and Philosophy

Portraits and Philosophy

1st Edition

Edited By Hans Maes
November 27, 2019

Portraits are everywhere. One finds them not only in museums and galleries, but also in newspapers and magazines, in the homes of people and in the boardrooms of companies, on stamps and coins, on millions of cell phones and computers. Despite its huge popularity, however, portraiture hasn’t ...

Paintings and the Past Philosophy, History, Art

Paintings and the Past: Philosophy, History, Art

1st Edition

By Ivan Gaskell
May 20, 2019

This book is an exploration of how art—specifically paintings in the European manner—can be mobilized to make knowledge claims about the past. No type of human-made tangible thing makes more complex and bewildering demands in this respect than paintings. Ivan Gaskell argues that the search for ...

Philosophy and Film Bridging Divides

Philosophy and Film: Bridging Divides

1st Edition

Edited By Christina Rawls, Diana Neiva, Steven S. Gouveia
April 29, 2019

This volume collects twenty original essays on the philosophy of film. It uniquely brings together scholars working across a range of philosophical traditions and academic disciplines to broaden and advance debates on film and philosophy. The book includes contributions from a number of prominent ...

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