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This series joins with the journal Atlantic Studies in providing an international forum for research on historical, cultural, and literary issues arising within the new, disciplinary matrix of the circumatlantic world. In particular, it seeks to foster a transcultural dialogue between the two hemispheres, among the nations of Europe, the Americas, and Africa. The series editor invites the work of scholars from many disciplines--history, cultural studies, critical theory, and literature--who seek to probe the highly critical space of the Atlantic, centered not on a single nation or land mass but on a new cosmopolitan interchange of ships and peoples, cultures and texts, ideas and tools.

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Archives of the Black Atlantic Reading Between Literature and History

Archives of the Black Atlantic: Reading Between Literature and History

1st Edition

By Wendy W. Walters
August 23, 2018

Many African diasporic novelists and poets allude to or cite archival documents in their writings, foregrounding the elements of archival research and data in their literary texts, and revising the material remnants of the archive. This book reads black historical novels and poetry in an ...

Diasporic Women’s Writing of the Black Atlantic (En)Gendering Literature and Performance

Diasporic Women’s Writing of the Black Atlantic: (En)Gendering Literature and Performance

1st Edition

Edited By Emilia María Durán-Almarza, Esther Álvarez-López
August 23, 2018

This book brings together a complete set of approaches to works by female authors that articulate the black Atlantic in relation to the interplay of race, class, and gender. The chapters provide the grounds to (en)gender a more complex understanding of the scattered geographies of the African ...

Darwin in Atlantic Cultures Evolutionary Visions of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Darwin in Atlantic Cultures: Evolutionary Visions of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

1st Edition

Edited By Jeannette Eileen Jones, Patrick B. Sharp
April 23, 2015

This collection is an interdisciplinary edited volume that examines the circulation of Darwinian ideas in the Atlantic space as they impacted systems of Western thought and culture. Specifically, the book explores the influence of the principle tenets of Darwinism -- such as the theory of evolution...

Defining the Atlantic Community Culture, Intellectuals, and Policies in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Defining the Atlantic Community: Culture, Intellectuals, and Policies in the Mid-Twentieth Century

1st Edition

Edited By Marco Mariano
April 23, 2015

In this volume, essays by scholars from both sides of the Atlantic open new perspectives on the construction of the "Atlantic community" during World War II and the early Cold War years. Based on original approaches bringing together diplomatic history and the history of culture and ideas, the book...

Theorizing a Colonial Caribbean-Atlantic Imaginary Sugar and Obeah

Theorizing a Colonial Caribbean-Atlantic Imaginary: Sugar and Obeah

1st Edition

By Keith Sandiford
February 27, 2015

This book develops a theory of a Caribbean-Atlantic imaginary by exploring the ways two colonial texts represent the consciousnesses of Amerindians, Africans, and Europeans at two crucial points marking respectively the origins and demise of slavocratic systems in the West Indies. Focusing on ...

Black Atlantic Speculative Fictions Octavia E. Butler, Jewelle Gomez, and Nalo Hopkinson

Black Atlantic Speculative Fictions: Octavia E. Butler, Jewelle Gomez, and Nalo Hopkinson

1st Edition

By Ingrid Thaler
July 03, 2014

Since the 1980s, an increasing number of black writers have begun publishing speculative-fantastic fictions such as fantasy, gothic, utopian and science fiction. Writing into two literary traditions that are conventionally considered separate -- white speculative genres and black literary-cultural ...

Recharting the Black Atlantic Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections

Recharting the Black Atlantic: Modern Cultures, Local Communities, Global Connections

1st Edition

Edited By Annalisa Oboe, Anna Scacchi
July 14, 2010

This book focuses on the migrations and metamorphoses of black bodies, practices, and discourses around the Atlantic, particularly with regard to current issues such as questions of identity, political and human rights, cosmopolitics, and mnemo-history....

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