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Routledge Research in Health and Healing in Africa and the African Diaspora

About the Series

Health and healing have been critical in African and African-descended communities across the globe. As a result, this series will publish monographs and edited volumes on aspects of health and healing on the African continent and in the African Diaspora.

We welcome proposals on a variety of topics in particular, public health, global health security, health care delivery, innovation in health, epidemics, women and children’s health, masculinity and health, mental health, traditional healing, and community initiatives. We seek publications from a range of disciplines and in some cases are interdisciplinary in nature from the social sciences, public and global health, clinical sciences, and the humanities. In addition, we seek research and analyses from area studies that transcends health issues, including African Studies, African American Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Women and Gender Studies and work that is transnational and that in some cases straddles more than one country or region.

As this series grows, it will shape extant, emerging and new debates on health and healing central to Africa, its diaspora, and beyond.

Forthcoming books include:

Mental Health Crises in Globalizing Senegal: Spirit Troubles by Alice Bullard

This book explores the history of mental health in Senegal, and how psychological difficulties were also expressed in the terms of spiritualism, magic, witchcraft, spirit possession and ancestor worship.

To submit a book proposal for this series please contact:

Helena Hurd [email protected] (Routledge Editor) and Donna Patterson (Series Editor)  [email protected]

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