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Routledge Research in Information Systems

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As global communications improve, the need to manage information effectively is essential. This series will provide a window into the information systems community, covering planning and technology matters and placing systems in their social and cultural context. The following issues will be highlighted:
* the accelerating capacity of technology to deliver effective information systems of all types (eg library, management, geographic, etc)
* the globalization of information, for instance on the Internet
* the politics of the global "information ghetto"
* the "end of the library"
* the need for humanized information systems
* information systems and distance learning
* the growing phenomena of teleworking

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Learning with Information Systems Learning Cycles in Information Systems Development

Learning with Information Systems: Learning Cycles in Information Systems Development

1st Edition

By Simon Bell
February 01, 2013

In Learning with Information Systems the author takes the developing world as the context and through a series of case studies develops a commonly used systems analysis methodology. He demonstrates how this methodology can evolve and adapt as new ideas become prominent. Issues of sustainability of ...

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