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Emotional Motives in International Relations Rage, Rancour and Revenge

Emotional Motives in International Relations: Rage, Rancour and Revenge

1st Edition

By Rupert Brodersen
May 16, 2018

The study of emotions in International Relations is gaining wide-spread attention. Within the "emotional turn" in IR the emotion of rage however has not been given sufficient attention, instead being used as short-hand for irrationality and excess. Rage is arguably one of the oldest and most ...

Reinhold Niebuhr and International Relations Theory Realism beyond Thomas Hobbes

Reinhold Niebuhr and International Relations Theory: Realism beyond Thomas Hobbes

1st Edition

By Guilherme Marques Pedro
July 20, 2017

This is the first book in international relations theory entirely devoted to the political thought of Reinhold Niebuhr. Focusing on the existential theology which lies at the basis of Reinhold Niebuhr’s theory of international politics, it highlights the ways in which Niebuhrian realism was not ...

Social Justice, Global Dynamics Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

Social Justice, Global Dynamics: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Ayelet Banai, Miriam Ronzoni, Christian Schemmel
May 17, 2011

Many theoretical publications make assumptions about the facts of globalization, and in particular about the role and autonomy of the nation state. These factual claims and assumptions often play an important role in justifying the normative conclusions, yet remain under-explored. This ...

Politicising Ethics in International Relations Cosmopolitanism as Hospitality

Politicising Ethics in International Relations: Cosmopolitanism as Hospitality

1st Edition

By Gideon Baker
April 06, 2011

The ethics of hospitality – the welcome of the foreigner – is implied in all moral debate in international relations ranging from questions of asylum to those of humanitarian intervention. Why then has there been so little reflection on hospitality in the study of international relations to date? ...

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