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This series is the home for high quality monographs and edited collections in Literacy Studies. We publish books by leading-edge researchers engaged in international dialogues on a broad range of topics. Many of our volumes are by leaders in the field of Literacy Studies; others are by relatively new scholars. Please contact the editors if you would like to discuss your idea prior to submitting a proposal.

Please send ideas/proposals to Uta Papen ([email protected]), Professor of Literacy Studies, Julia Gillen ([email protected]), Professor of Literacy Studies, and Alice Salt ([email protected]), Routledge Commissioning Editor.

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New Literacies around the Globe Policy and Pedagogy

New Literacies around the Globe: Policy and Pedagogy

1st Edition

Edited By Cathy Burnett, Julia Davies, Guy Merchant, Jennifer Rowsell
November 18, 2016

The increasing popularity of digitally-mediated communication is prompting us to radically rethink literacy and its role in education; at the same time, national policies have promulgated a view of literacy focused on the skills and classroom routines associated with print, bolstered by regimes of ...

Romani Writing Literacy, Literature and Identity Politics

Romani Writing: Literacy, Literature and Identity Politics

1st Edition

By Paola Toninato
November 18, 2016

The Roma (commonly known as "Gypsies") have largely been depicted in writings and in popular culture as an illiterate group. However, as Romani Writing shows, the Roma have a deep understanding of literacy and its implications, and use writing for a range of different purposes. While some Romani ...

Children's Literacy Practices and Preferences Harry Potter and Beyond

Children's Literacy Practices and Preferences: Harry Potter and Beyond

1st Edition

By Jane Sunderland, Steven Dempster, Joanne Thistlethwaite
April 06, 2016

Over the past few decades there have been intense debates in education surrounding children’s literacy achievement and ways to promote reading, particularly that of boys. The Harry Potter book series has been received enthusiastically by very many children, boys and girls alike, but has also been ...

Women, Literacy and Development

Women, Literacy and Development

1st Edition

Edited By Anna Robinson-Pant
December 22, 2014

Women's literacy is often assumed to be the key to promoting better health, family planning and nutrition in the developing world. This has dominated much development research and has led to women's literacy being promoted by governments and aid agencies as the key to improving the lives of poor ...

Literacy and Globalization Reading and Writing in Times of Social and Cultural Change

Literacy and Globalization: Reading and Writing in Times of Social and Cultural Change

1st Edition

By Uta Papen
October 19, 2012

Using literacy practices in the newly independent post-apartheid Namibia as a lens through which to examine the effects of globalisation, this broad case study looks at issues surrounding tourism, state control and the new forces of consumerism. By placing literacy at the centre of an investigation...

Popular Culture and Representations of Literacy

Popular Culture and Representations of Literacy

1st Edition

By Bronwyn Williams, Amy Zenger
June 20, 2012

Movies are filled with scenes of people of all ages, sexes, races, and social classes reading and writing in widely varied contexts and purposes. Yet these scenes go largely unnoticed, despite the fact that these images recreate and reinforce pervasive concepts and perceptions of literacy. This ...

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