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Journalists, Anonymous Sources and the Law A Comparative, Theoretical and Critical Analysis

Journalists, Anonymous Sources and the Law: A Comparative, Theoretical and Critical Analysis

1st Edition

By Damian Carney
February 29, 2024

This book considers whether news gatherers should be required to disclose the identity of anonymous sources used in their stories by courts or other bodies. The vast majority of media self-regulatory codes impose an obligation not to disclose the identity of such sources, but many legal systems ...

Public Service Media in Europe Law, Theory and Practice

Public Service Media in Europe: Law, Theory and Practice

1st Edition

By Karen Donders
January 09, 2023

Contributing to a rethink of Public Service Media, this book combines theoretical insights and legal frameworks with practice, examining theory and policy development in a bottom-up manner. It explores the practices of Public Service Media across Europe, assessing the rules that govern Public ...

Mediation & Popular Culture

Mediation & Popular Culture

1st Edition

By Jennifer Schulz
March 11, 2020

This book examines mediation topics such as impartiality, self-determination and fair outcomes through popular culture lenses. Popular television shows and award-winning films are used as illustrative examples to illuminate under-represented mediation topics such as feelings and expert intuition, ...

Photography and the Law Rights and Restrictions

Photography and the Law: Rights and Restrictions

1st Edition

By Michael O’Flanagan
October 22, 2018

Photographers and publishers of photographs enjoy a wide range of legal rights including freedom of expression and of publication. They have a right to create and publish photographs. They may invoke their intellectual, moral and property rights to protect and enforce their rights in their created ...

Public Service Broadcasting 3.0 Legal Design for the Digital Present

Public Service Broadcasting 3.0: Legal Design for the Digital Present

1st Edition

By Mira Burri
February 07, 2017

The digital media environment is characterized by an abundance and diversity of content, a multiplicity of platforms, new modes of content production, distribution and access, and changed patterns of consumer and business behaviour. This has challenged the traditional model of public service ...

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