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Routledge Research in New Colonial Histories of Latin America

About the Series

This series, to include single-authored and edited volumes, will showcase new scholarship on Spanish and Portuguese colonial history, from innovative approaches to transregional and transcontinental comparisons to original empirical studies of local history. Current research in the field has been enriched by new discoveries in the archival collections of national and especially regional repositories beyond the imperial centers, and informed by compelling conversations about world and global history that transcend any one geographical subfield. Particularly lively areas of comparative interest include: legal pluralism and local history; natural history and knowledge production; deep histories of borderlands; colonial commodities and the origins of world trade; material culture and everyday life; and geographies of urban and rural development.

We invite contributions from all scholars, and look forward to developing a series that represents the best new work in our field, work that frames Iberian colonialisms in global and comparative terms and widens its lenses to explore colonial legacies as well as precursors.

Ryan Amir Kashanipour ([email protected])
Kevin Gosner ([email protected])
Max Novick ([email protected])

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Overlooked Places and Peoples Indigenous and African Resistance in Colonial Spanish America, 1500-1800

Overlooked Places and Peoples: Indigenous and African Resistance in Colonial Spanish America, 1500-1800

1st Edition


Edited By Dana Velasco Murillo, Robert C. Schwaller
June 03, 2024

This book examines the hemispheric histories of overlooked peoples and places that shaped colonial Spanish America.    This volume focuses on the experiences of Native peoples, Africans and Afro-descended peoples, and castas (individuals of mixed ancestry) living in regions perceived as fringe, ...

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