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Routledge Research in Paediatric Sport and Exercise Science

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The Routledge Research in Paediatric Sport and Exercise Science series provides a multi-disciplinary platform for established and emerging academics and practitioners to showcase cutting-edge research in all aspects of sport and exercise science in children and adolescents. Edited by Professor Craig Williams, director of the world-leading Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre at the University of Exeter, UK (, the series includes contributions from applied sport performance monographs to clinical studies in exercise and chronic disease. The series makes a profound contribution to paediatric exercise science scholarship, and provides a vital well of resources for sport scientists and clinicians working with children of all ages.

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Exercise and Respiratory Diseases in Paediatrics

Exercise and Respiratory Diseases in Paediatrics

1st Edition


Edited By Craig A. Williams, Patrick J. Oades
September 24, 2021

It is commonly accepted that "exercise is good for children" but, considering the number of children worldwide exercising, we know comparatively little, compared to adults, about how specific mechanisms influence health and sports performance. There are considerable obstacles that challenge the ...

High Performance Youth Swimming

High Performance Youth Swimming

1st Edition

Edited By Jeanne Dekerle
October 26, 2020

High Performance Youth Swimming provides an in-depth view of the physiological, biomechanical, and multifaceted underpinning of swimming success, with a focus on youth. Considerations of both growth and maturation processes and the intricacies of the swimming training environment are core ...

Elite Youth Cycling

Elite Youth Cycling

1st Edition

Edited By Alfred Nimmerichter
August 23, 2018

Elite Youth Cycling showcases the latest cutting-edge research in youth cycling performance. Covering both endurance and sprint cycling events, the book explores the effect of cycling on the maturation of the body from childhood to adolescence, suggests long-term training and nutritional strategies...

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