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Routledge Research in Political Communication

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Political Leadership, Nations and Charisma

Political Leadership, Nations and Charisma

1st Edition

Edited By Vivian Ibrahim, Margit Wunsch
June 16, 2017

This ground-breaking and innovative book examines the influence of charisma on power, authority and nationalism. The authors both apply and challenge Max Weber’s concept of ‘charisma’ and integrate it into a broader discussion of other theoretical models. Using an interdisciplinary approach, ...

Political Communication Online Structures, Functions, and Challenges

Political Communication Online: Structures, Functions, and Challenges

1st Edition

By Ognyan Seizov
May 31, 2016

The impact of the Internet on political communication has been significant and multifaceted: it expanded the reach of political messages; opened the floodgates of decontextualization and intercultural misunderstanding; made room for new genres and forms; and allowed for the incorporation of every ...

Political Communication in the Online World Theoretical Approaches and Research Designs

Political Communication in the Online World: Theoretical Approaches and Research Designs

1st Edition

Edited By Gerhard Vowe, Philipp Henn
December 17, 2015

As a consequence of the rapid diffusion of online media, the conditions for political communication, and research concerning it have radically changed. Is empirical communication research capable of consistently describing and explaining the changes in political communication in the online world ...

Political Marketing Strategic 'Campaign Culture'

Political Marketing: Strategic 'Campaign Culture'

1st Edition

Edited By Kostas Gouliamos, Antonis Theocharous, Bruce I. Newman
August 25, 2015

A guiding principle in creating Political Marketing has been to examine the ways in which culture, politics, and society interrelate in the field of political marketing. In the course of the book, the editors and contributors consider ‘culture’ as a distinctive concept with transformative ...

Politics and the Internet in Comparative Context Views from the cloud

Politics and the Internet in Comparative Context: Views from the cloud

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Nixon, Rajash Rawal, Dan Mercea
July 16, 2015

For many years now we have witnessed the developing use of the internet and associated technologies by political actors and organisations. Claims and counter claims have been made as its suitability as a tool to help in the struggle to re-invigorate political participation in democracies across the...

Digital World Connectivity, Creativity and Rights

Digital World: Connectivity, Creativity and Rights

1st Edition

Edited By Gillian Youngs
February 27, 2015

The Internet and digital technologies have changed the world we live in and the ways we engage with one another and work and play. This is the starting point for this collection which takes analysis of the digital world to the next level exploring the frontiers of digital and creative ...

Social Media and Democracy Innovations in Participatory Politics

Social Media and Democracy: Innovations in Participatory Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Brian D. Loader, Dan Mercea
November 10, 2014

This book critically investigates the complex interaction between social media and contemporary democratic politics, and provides a grounded analysis of the emerging importance of Social media in civic engagement. Social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, have increasingly ...

The Media, Political Participation and Empowerment

The Media, Political Participation and Empowerment

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Scullion, Roman Gerodimos, Daniel Jackson, Darren Lilleker
September 11, 2014

Technological, cultural and economic forces are transforming political communication, posing challenges and opportunities for politicians and media organisations, while at the same time many governments and civil society express concerns about the extent and nature of political empowerment and ...

Political Campaigning, Elections and the Internet Comparing the US, UK, France and Germany

Political Campaigning, Elections and the Internet: Comparing the US, UK, France and Germany

1st Edition

By Darren Lilleker, Nigel Jackson
March 16, 2011

The Internet first played a minor role in the 1992 U.S. Presidential election, and has gradually increased in importance so that it is central to election campaign strategy. However, election campaigners have, until very recently, focused on Web 1.0: websites and email. Political Campaigning, ...

Global political marketing

Global political marketing

1st Edition

Edited By Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Chris Rudd, Jesper Stromback
September 13, 2011

There is increasing awareness of growing similarities in political marketing practices around the world. Global political marketing is a comprehensive analysis of why, how and with what affect parties use political marketing in a range of political systems - presidential, parliamentary, two and ...

Public Broadcasting and Political Interference

Public Broadcasting and Political Interference

1st Edition

By Chris Hanretty
June 13, 2011

Public broadcasters, like the BBC and the Italian broadcaster RAI, are some of the most important media organisations in the world. Politicians are often tempted to interfere in the workings of these broadcasters and when this happens, the results are highly controversial, as both the Blair and ...

The Internet and National Elections A Comparative Study of Web Campaigning

The Internet and National Elections: A Comparative Study of Web Campaigning

1st Edition

Edited By Randolph Kluver, Nicholas Jankowski, Kirsten Foot, Steven M. Schneider
May 03, 2007

The Internet and National Elections provides a comparative analysis of the use of the World Wide Web in countries around the world for campaign purposes. This ambitious study draws upon a common conceptual framework - the "Web sphere," and a shared methodological approach called Web feature ...

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