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Behavioural Public Policy in Australia How an Idea Became Practice

Behavioural Public Policy in Australia: How an Idea Became Practice

1st Edition

By Sarah Ball
September 14, 2022

Using rich ethnographic data and first-hand experience, Ball presents a detailed account of Australia’s attempts to incorporate behavioural insights into its public policy. Ball identifies three competing interpretations of behavioural public policy, and how these interpretations have influenced ...

Governance in the 21st Century An Expanded View

Governance in the 21st Century: An Expanded View

1st Edition

By Morris Bosin
September 06, 2022

In Governance in the 21st Century, Morris Bosin offers an integrated approach in addressing real world governance challenges. Divided into four broad sections, Bosin begins in Part 1 by introducing the nature of governance, its use in the public and private sector, and at different levels in our ...

Affirmative Action in Malaysia and South Africa Preference for Parity

Affirmative Action in Malaysia and South Africa: Preference for Parity

1st Edition

By Hwok-Aun Lee
April 29, 2022

Malaysia and South Africa implement the most extensive affirmative action programmes worldwide. This book explores why and how to effect preferential treatment which has been utilized in the pursuit of inter-ethnic parity, specifically in higher education, high-level occupations, enterprise ...

Multiorganizational Arrangements for Watershed Protection Working Better Together

Multiorganizational Arrangements for Watershed Protection: Working Better Together

1st Edition

By Madeleine Wright McNamara, John Charles Morris
April 01, 2022

With cross-pollination of the public administration and policy implementation literatures, Madeleine Wright McNamara and John Charles Morris present the Multiorganizational Interaction Model as a framework to explore the use of cooperation, coordination, and collaboration between 15 federal/state ...

City Sextons Tales from Municipal Leaders

City Sextons: Tales from Municipal Leaders

1st Edition

By Staci M. Zavattaro
February 01, 2022

City sextons are a dying breed and in this book sextons from throughout the United States share their experiences as a city’s chief death expert. With a view to investigating their role in local governance processes, how they contribute to public engagement in cities, and what are some ...

The Transformative Potential of Participatory Budgeting Creating an Ideal Democracy

The Transformative Potential of Participatory Budgeting: Creating an Ideal Democracy

1st Edition

By George Robert Bateman, Jr.
June 30, 2021

In this book, George Robert Bateman, Jr. presents a philosophical examination of the potential benefits of participatory budgeting (PB), with recommendations of how they might be realized. The work of social philosophers like Thomas Jefferson, John Dewey, Robert Putnam are studied to better ...

Corruption Prevention and Governance in Hong Kong

Corruption Prevention and Governance in Hong Kong

1st Edition

By Ian Scott, Ting Gong
December 18, 2020

This book analyses central questions in the continuing debate about success factors in corruption prevention and the efficacy and value of anti-corruption agencies (ACAs). How do ACAs become valued within a polity? What challenges must they overcome? What conditions account for their success and ...

Beyond Public Administration Contemplating and Nudging Government-in-Context

Beyond Public Administration: Contemplating and Nudging Government-in-Context

1st Edition

By David John Farmer
September 26, 2019

How can public administration (P.A.) nudge government to govern fundamentally better in terms of policy? How critical is P.A. contemplation and nudges – prods, shoves or hammer blows - to government-in-context? In this book, David John Farmer argues that government-in-context refers to ...

State Politics and the Affordable Care Act Choices and Decisions

State Politics and the Affordable Care Act: Choices and Decisions

1st Edition

By John C. Morris, Martin K. Mayer, Robert C. Kenter, Luisa M. Lucero
June 25, 2019

After a great deal of discussion and debate across all levels of government, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law in March 2010. Since President Trump's election into office, the ACA has stayed in the headlines. Trump has continued to call for the replacement and repeal of ...

Judicializing the Administrative State The Rise of the Independent Regulatory Commissions in the United States, 1883-1937

Judicializing the Administrative State: The Rise of the Independent Regulatory Commissions in the United States, 1883-1937

1st Edition

By Hiroshi Okayama
May 15, 2019

A basic feature of the modern US administrative state taken for granted by legal scholars but neglected by political scientists and historians is its strong judiciality. Formal, or court-like, adjudication was the primary method of first-order agency policy making during the first half of the ...

The Data Economy Implications from Singapore

The Data Economy: Implications from Singapore

1st Edition

By Sree Kumar, Warren Chik, See-Kiong Ng, Sin Gee Teo
October 09, 2018

"The data economy" is a term used by many, but properly understood by few. Even more so the concept of "big data". Both terms embody the notion of a digital world in which many transactions and data flows animate a virtual space. This is the unseen world in which technology has become the master, ...

The Politics of Fracking Regulatory Policy and Local Community Responses to Environmental Concerns

The Politics of Fracking: Regulatory Policy and Local Community Responses to Environmental Concerns

1st Edition

By Sarmistha R. Majumdar
October 02, 2018

Over the last decade, the oil and gas industry has garnered a lot of support from the United States federal and state governments in the name of energy independence and economic prosperity. More specifically, hydraulic fracturing or fracking is said to not only make the production of affordable ...

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