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Routledge Research in Religion, Media and Culture

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This series of Routledge monographs provides both new and established scholars the opportunity to publish original research in Religion, Media and Culture. The series includes a wide range of investigations of media in relation to religious practice and belief in any historical period or geographical domain. Media examined in this series include everyday objects such as statues, dolls, and photographs; visual media such as wood cuts, icons or illuminated manuscripts; and newer media such as radio, film, television, and Internet. Volumes go beyond focusing on how messages are delivered to passive audiences, and contribute to an evolving paradigm of understanding creative audiences for whom media are an integral part of lived religion. Studies draw on a variety of methods for their investigations.

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Christian Influence The Subcultural Narratives of Evangelical Celebrities on Instagram

Christian Influence: The Subcultural Narratives of Evangelical Celebrities on Instagram

1st Edition


By Zachary Sheldon
July 15, 2024

Christian Influence examines how understudied evangelical media celebrities use Instagram to cultivate religious authority and to convey distinctive subcultural narratives about evangelical values and culture today. The book explores the way that discrete kinds of evangelical celebrities—Celebrity ...

Minority Churches as Media Settlers Negotiating Deep Mediatization

Minority Churches as Media Settlers: Negotiating Deep Mediatization

1st Edition

By Dorota Hall, Marta Kołodziejska, Kerstin Radde-Antweiler
July 07, 2023

How do minority Christian churches adapt to and negotiate with the changes brought about by deep mediatization? How do they use their media to present themselves to their followers and the general public? This book aims to answer these questions by investigating how minority organizations of two ...

Muslims, Minorities, and the Media Discourses on Islam in the West

Muslims, Minorities, and the Media: Discourses on Islam in the West

1st Edition

By Laurens de Rooij
April 28, 2023

Inspired by overtly negative coverage by the Western mainstream press of Muslims in particular, and minorities in general, this book asks: Why are negative narratives and depictions of Muslims and other minorities so hard to change? News reports about Islam and Muslims commonly relate stories that ...

Religion, Media and Conversion in Iran Mediated Christianity in an Islamic Context

Religion, Media and Conversion in Iran: Mediated Christianity in an Islamic Context

1st Edition

By Sara Afshari
March 28, 2023

Religion, Media and Conversion in Iran studies the reception of Farsi Christian television channels by Muslim audiences in Iran: their motivations in viewing the Christian message, their methods of interpretation and negotiation with different media texts and their process of changing or altering ...

The Third Spaces of Digital Religion

The Third Spaces of Digital Religion

1st Edition

Edited By Nabil Echchaibi, Stewart M. Hoover
March 20, 2023

This exciting volume explores how religious meaning is generated and performed in our present digital media ecosystem. It uses the spatial metaphor of a third space to visualize the mobility of everyday religion and to explore the dynamic ways in which contemporary subjects imagine, produce, and ...

Religion in the Age of Digitalization From New Media to Spiritual Machines

Religion in the Age of Digitalization: From New Media to Spiritual Machines

1st Edition

Edited By Giulia Isetti, Elisa Innerhofer, Harald Pechlaner, Michael de Rachewiltz
May 06, 2022

This book examines the current use of digital media in religious engagement and how new media can influence and alter faith and spirituality. As technologies are introduced and improved, they continue to raise pressing questions about the impact, both positive and negative, that they have on the ...

Digital Spirits in Religion and Media Possession and Performance

Digital Spirits in Religion and Media: Possession and Performance

1st Edition

By Alvin Eng Hui Lim
August 22, 2018

In many contemporary and popular forms of religious practice, digital technology and the spiritual are inseparable. Ranging from streaming broadcasts of spiritual possessions to screenings of mass prayer conferences in stadiums, spirits and divinities now have new forms in which they can ...

Religion, Media, and Social Change

Religion, Media, and Social Change

1st Edition

Edited By Kennet Granholm, Marcus Moberg, Sofia Sjö
February 12, 2018

In an era of heightened globalization, macro-level transformations in the general socioeconomic and cultural makeup of modern societies have been studied in great depth. Yet little attention has been paid to the growing influence of media and mass-mediated popular culture on contemporary religious ...

Material Culture and Asian Religions Text, Image, Object

Material Culture and Asian Religions: Text, Image, Object

1st Edition

Edited By Benjamin Fleming, Richard Mann
February 06, 2018

Traditionally, research on the history of Asian religions has been marked by a bias for literary evidence, privileging canonical texts penned in ‘classical’ languages. Not only has a focus on literary evidence shaped the dominant narratives about the religious histories of Asia, in both scholarship...

Media and New Religions in Japan

Media and New Religions in Japan

1st Edition

By Erica Baffelli
February 05, 2018

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivative 4.0 license. Japanese "new religions" (shinshūkyō) have used various media forms for training, communicating with ...

Creating Church Online Ritual, Community and New Media

Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community and New Media

1st Edition

By Tim Hutchings
April 17, 2017

Online churches are internet-based Christian communities, pursuing worship, discussion, friendship, support, proselytization, and other key religious goals through computer-mediated communication. Hundreds of thousands of people are now involved with online congregations, generating new kinds of ...

Religion and Media in China Insights and Case Studies from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Religion and Media in China: Insights and Case Studies from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong

1st Edition

Edited By Stefania Travagnin
November 30, 2016

This volume focuses on the intersection of religion and media in China, bringing interdisciplinary approaches to bear on the role of religion in the lives of individuals and greater shifts within Chinese society in an increasingly media-saturated environment. With case studies focusing on Mainland ...

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