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Routledge Research in Speech-Language Pathology

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Routledge Research in Speech-Language Pathology looks beyond traditional areas of study within the discipline to showcase topics historically underserved in research on communication disorders, highlighting fresh perspectives on issues of key importance in speech-language pathology. The series offers comprehensive treatments of communication disorders and the work of speech-language pathology with an eye toward pushing the field forward, critically examining challenges in addressing disparities in speech-language pathology and exploring the latest developments in related disciplines with implications for the future of research on communication disorders. Volumes in this series will be of particular interest to students, scholars, and clinicians in speech-language pathology, speech and language therapy, and clinical linguistics, as well as related fields such as special education, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, social work, and nursing.

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Communication and Sensory Loss Global Perspectives

Communication and Sensory Loss: Global Perspectives

1st Edition


Edited By Kathryn Crowe
May 29, 2024

This collection explores communication differences in individuals with sensory impairment/loss relevant to health and education students and professionals. Children and adults with hearing, vision, and dual sensory impairment/loss may experience differences and/or difficulties with communication. ...

COVID-19 and Speech-Language Pathology

COVID-19 and Speech-Language Pathology

1st Edition

Edited By Louise Cummings
September 15, 2022

This collection is the first of its kind to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the caseloads and clinical practice of speech-language pathologists. The volume synthesises existing data on the wide-ranging effects of COVID-19 on the communication, swallowing, and language skills of ...

Language Case Files in Neurological Disorders

Language Case Files in Neurological Disorders

1st Edition

By Louise Cummings
August 31, 2021

This book features case studies of ten individuals with acquired neurological disorders. These disorders have implications for speech, language, and communication, but to date they have not been the focus of research in speech-language pathology. Chapters present a brief medical overview of each ...

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