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Routledge Research in Sustainable Planning and Development in Asia

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Rapid urbanization and booming cities in Asia allude to the need for new urban planning and development theories to help examine the current phenomenon and foretell future trends. This timely book series provides insights on sustainable planning and development from across Asia. It looks at Asian cities and their best practices of building sustainable cities, regions, and communities. The book series also explores ways in which Asian cities address the wicked problems of climate change, social inequality, and ageing population, as well as how they capitalize on opportunities from disruptive technologies and innovation. More importantly, this series hopes to offer new directions for sustainable planning and development in uncertainties and changes. The interdisciplinary approaches to making cities and communities sustainable will make this series central to fostering knowledge.

If you would like to discuss a potential new book for the series, please contact: Richard Hu, the series editor, [email protected] or Kendrick Loo, Routledge commissioning editor, [email protected]

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Data-centric Regenerative Built Environment Big Data for Sustainable Regeneration

Data-centric Regenerative Built Environment: Big Data for Sustainable Regeneration

1st Edition


By Saeed Banihashemi, Sepideh Zarepour Sohi
September 25, 2023

This book examines the use of big data in regenerative urban environment and how data helps in functional planning and design solutions. This book is one of the first endeavors to present the data-driven methods for regenerative built environments and integrate it with the novel design solutions. ...

Urban Flood Risk Management Looking at Jakarta

Urban Flood Risk Management: Looking at Jakarta

1st Edition

By Christopher Silver
May 31, 2023

Like so many of the coastal cities in Southeast Asia (and other regions) established during European colonialism, there has been an ongoing challenge for decades dealing with the growing frequency and intensity of flooding. Jakarta’s flood problems since the 1990s have been nothing less than ...

Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Japan’s Urban Development and Social Capital

Disaster Resilience and Sustainability: Japan’s Urban Development and Social Capital

1st Edition

By Hitomi Nakanishi
August 05, 2022

This book examines urban planning and infrastructure development in Japanese cities after the second world war as a way to mitigate the risks of disasters while pursuing sustainable development. It looks at the benefits of social capital and how communities organise to tackle problems during the ...

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