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Routledge Research in Travel Writing

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Routledge Research in Travel Writing extends the rapidly developing, interdisciplinary field of travel writing studies. Under the editorship of Peter Hulme and Tim Youngs, two of the world’s leading scholars in the subject, the series publishes important original scholarly studies and edited collections by established and younger authors. The series provides a range of perspectives from international scholars on a variety of travel texts, and aims to extend our contextual and aesthetic understanding of this important but often neglected genre.

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Time and Temporalities in European Travel Writing

Time and Temporalities in European Travel Writing

1st Edition


Paula Henrikson, Christina Kullberg
December 11, 2020

This book is a collective effort to investigate and problematise notions of time and temporality in European travel writing from the late medieval period up to the late nineteenth century. It brings together nine researchers in European travel writing and covers a wide range of areas, travel genres...

The Desertmakers Travel, War, and the State in Latin America

The Desertmakers: Travel, War, and the State in Latin America

1st Edition

Javier Uriarte
November 01, 2019

This book studies how the rhetoric of travel introduces different conceptualizations of space and time in scenarios of war during the last decades of the 19th century, in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. By examining accounts of war and travel in the context of the consolidation of state ...

Travelling Servants Mobility and Employment in British Travel Writing 1750- 1850

Travelling Servants: Mobility and Employment in British Travel Writing 1750- 1850

1st Edition

Kathryn Walchester
July 30, 2019

This book outlines the contribution made by servants to domestic and Continental travel and travel writing between 1750 and 1850. Aiming to re-position British and European travel during this period as a site of work as well as leisure, Katheryn Walchester provides commentary and analysis of texts ...

French Travel Writing in the Ottoman Empire Marseilles to Constantinople, 1650-1700

French Travel Writing in the Ottoman Empire: Marseilles to Constantinople, 1650-1700

1st Edition

Michele Longino
February 12, 2018

Examining the history of the French experience of the Ottoman world and Turkey, this comparative study visits the accounts of early modern travelers for the insights they bring to the field of travel writing. The journals of contemporaries Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Jean Thévenot, Laurent D’Arvieux, ...

Travel and Ethics Theory and Practice

Travel and Ethics: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Corinne Fowler, Charles Forsdick, Ludmilla Kostova
February 06, 2018

Despite the recent increase in scholarly activity regarding travel writing and the accompanying proliferation of publications relating to the form, its ethical dimensions have yet to be theorized with sufficient rigour. Drawing from the disciplines of anthropology, linguistics, literary studies ...

Travel Narratives in Translation, 1750-1830 Nationalism, Ideology, Gender

Travel Narratives in Translation, 1750-1830: Nationalism, Ideology, Gender

1st Edition

Alison Martin, Susan Pickford
May 31, 2017

This book examines how non-fictional travel accounts were rewritten, reshaped, and reoriented in translation between 1750 and 1850, a period that saw a sudden surge in the genre's popularity. It explores how these translations played a vital role in the transmission and circulation of knowledge ...

French Political Travel Writing in the Interwar Years Radical Departures

French Political Travel Writing in the Interwar Years: Radical Departures

1st Edition

Martyn Cornick, Martin Hurcombe, Angela Kershaw
February 24, 2017

This book studies travel writing produced by French authors between the two World Wars following visits to authoritarian regimes in Europe and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). It sheds new light on the phenomenon of French political travel in this period by considering the ...

Travel Writing in Dutch and German, 1790-1930 Modernity, Regionality, Mobility

Travel Writing in Dutch and German, 1790-1930: Modernity, Regionality, Mobility

1st Edition

Alison E. Martin, Lut Missinne, Beatrix van Dam
January 24, 2017

This volume focuses on how travel writing contributed to cultural and intellectual exchange in and between the Dutch- and German-speaking regions from the 1790s to the twentieth-century interwar period. Drawing on a hitherto largely overlooked body of travelers whose work ranges across what is now ...

Travel Writing from Black Australia Utopia, Melancholia, and Aboriginality

Travel Writing from Black Australia: Utopia, Melancholia, and Aboriginality

1st Edition

Robert Clarke
December 03, 2015

Over the past thirty years the Australian travel experience has been ‘Aboriginalized’. Aboriginality has been appropriated to furnish the Australian nation with a unique and identifiable tourist brand. This is deeply ironic given the realities of life for many Aboriginal people in Australian ...

Politics, Identity, and Mobility in Travel Writing

Politics, Identity, and Mobility in Travel Writing

1st Edition

Miguel A. Cabañas, Jeanne Dubino, Veronica Salles-Reese, Gary Totten
July 14, 2015

This collection examines the intersections between the personal and the political in travel writing, and the dialectic between mobility and stasis, through an analysis of specific cases across geographical and historical boundaries. The authors explore the various ways in which travel texts ...

Travel Writing and Atrocities Eyewitness Accounts of Colonialism in the Congo, Angola, and the Putumayo

Travel Writing and Atrocities: Eyewitness Accounts of Colonialism in the Congo, Angola, and the Putumayo

1st Edition

Robert Burroughs
April 23, 2015

This book examines eyewitness travel reports of atrocities committed in European-funded slave regimes in the Congo Free State, Portuguese West Africa, and the Putumayo district of the Amazon rainforest during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. During this time, British explorers, ...

Contemporary Travel Writing of Latin America

Contemporary Travel Writing of Latin America

1st Edition

Claire Lindsay
September 11, 2014

This book considers how contemporary travelers from Latin America write their journeys at and about home. How do Latin American writers of the late twentieth-century negotiate the hybrid and volatile category of travel writing, which has been shaped in large part by myriad Euro-American travelers? ...

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