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Routledge Research on Educational Equity in Developing Nations

About the Series

This series is the first of its kind to offer a platform for scholars from developing and emerging nations to showcase their research on topics that influence the equity in education agenda. This series will examine how Small Island Developing States (SIDS) like those within the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, other Micro-States and Africa will achieve equity in education. The contexts for these conversations recognise the unique reality that many of these countries are past colonies that remain vulnerable to the external vagaries of globalization, macroeconomic policies, high external and internal debt. In this new book series, we invite influential and in situ scholars from the Global South to author books and produce edited volumes that discuss the issues that influence the achievement of equity in education in Developing Nations.


Please send proposals to Alice Salt ([email protected]).

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Caribbean Student Voices and Educational Inclusion Exploring the Effectiveness of Policy Through Pupil Consultation

Caribbean Student Voices and Educational Inclusion: Exploring the Effectiveness of Policy Through Pupil Consultation

1st Edition


By Stacey Blackman
April 22, 2022

Foregrounding the perspectives of students from Barbados and St. Vincent, this book offers valuable insight into the implementation and effectiveness of international policies designed to improve educational inclusion in the Caribbean. Drawing on pupil participatory research conducted with ...

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