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Routledge Research on Museums and Heritage in Africa

About the Series

This exciting new series presents researchers, students, practitioners and policymakers with the latest thinking regarding museums and heritage in Africa.

Providing a platform for the valuable and diverse voices of those working in Africa, the series presents cutting-edge research that captures and critically examines the most recent developments in museum and heritage discourse and practice from across the continent. The series includes theoretically informed, interdisciplinary research from scholars based in the academy and in museums, both in Africa and in the Global North, who are pursuing projects that reveal the unique nature and future of museums and heritage in Africa. Giving priority to voices and perspectives from the continent, the series is intended to promote dialogue among museum and heritage studies scholars working in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Titles in the series will be relevant to those working across a wide range of disciplines, including museum and heritage studies, African studies, sociology and politics, anthropology, development studies and tourism studies.

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National Museums in Africa Identity, History and Politics

National Museums in Africa: Identity, History and Politics

1st Edition


Edited By Raymond Silverman, George Abungu, Peter Probst
August 13, 2021

National Museums in Africa brings the voices of African museum professionals into dialogue with scholars and, by so doing, is able to consider the state of African national museums from fresh perspectives. Covering all regions of the continent, the volume’s thirteen chapters allow for a deep and ...

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