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Routledge Research on Social and Political Elites

About the Series

All political systems are governed by ruling elites – presidents, prime ministers, ministers, civil servants, judges, mayors and councillors all play important roles in running our lives, while beyond the state people are picked to run international organizations. Social elites, such as global business or media tycoons, religious or ethnic leaders, play a major role influencing public policy. The books in this series examine all such political and social elites within local, national and international arenas. We are interested in theoretical and empirical analyses of elites. Whilst elites have been studied in the past, modern computing and electronic data-collection facilities mean that for the first time comprehensive information on the personal characteristics of elites, including factors such as birthplace, age, and social and educational background, can relatively easily be gathered. We can explore the ways in which people enter the elite, the networks they form and the policies they effect. Modern techniques open up exciting opportunities to examine our governors, their actions and interactions in more detail than ever before.

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Parliamentary Elites in Central and Eastern Europe Recruitment and Representation

Parliamentary Elites in Central and Eastern Europe: Recruitment and Representation

1st Edition

Edited By Elena Semenova, Michael Edinger, Heinrich Best
October 16, 2015

Legislators are entrusted with key parliamentary functions and are important figures in the decision-making process. Their behaviour as political elites is as much responsible for the failures and successes of the new democracies as their institutional designs and constitutional reforms. This ...

The Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies A Comparative Study

The Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies: A Comparative Study

1st Edition

Edited By Jean-Benoit Pilet, William Cross
October 12, 2015

This book explores the ways in which political parties, in contemporary parliamentary democracies, choose their leaders and then subsequently hold them accountable. The authors provide a comprehensive examination of party leadership selection and accountability both through examination of parties ...

Coalition Government and Party Mandate How Coalition Agreements Constrain Ministerial Action

Coalition Government and Party Mandate: How Coalition Agreements Constrain Ministerial Action

1st Edition

By Catherine Moury
September 11, 2014

Which kind of decisions are passed by Cabinet in coalition governments? What motivates ministerial action? How much leeway do coalition parties give their governmental representatives? This book focuses on a comparative study of ministerial behaviour in Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands....

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