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Routledge Rethinking Entrepreneurship Research

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The current focus on entrepreneurship as a purely market-based phenomenon and an unquestionably desirable economic and profitable activity leads to undervaluing and under researching important issues in relation to power, ideology or phenomenology. New postures, new theoretical lenses and new approaches are needed to study entrepreneurship as a contextualized and socially embedded phenomenon. The objective of this series therefore is to adopt a critical and constructive posture towards the theories, methods, epistemologies, assumptions and beliefs which dominate mainstream thinking. It aims to provide a forum for scholarship which questions the prevailing assumptions and beliefs currently dominating entrepreneurship research and invites contributions from a wide range of different communities of scholars, which focus on novelty, diversity and critique.

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Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research

Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research

1st Edition

Edited By Alain Fayolle, Stratos Ramoglou, Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Katerina Nicolopoulou
May 10, 2018

"‘Philosophy is inescapable’. This is the powerful mantra and call to action of this authoritative and informative collection of essays. Acting upon the conviction that empirical scrutiny only takes us so far in understanding the full nature of entrepreneurship, this text provides a set of ...

Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education Adopting a critical approach in the classroom

Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education: Adopting a critical approach in the classroom

1st Edition

Edited By Karin Berglund, Karen Verduyn
January 31, 2018

Within mainstream scholarship, it’s assumed without question that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education are desirable and positive economic activities. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches and political-philosophical perspectives, critical entrepreneurship studies has ...

Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Challenging Dominant Discourses

Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Challenging Dominant Discourses

1st Edition

Edited By Caroline Essers, Pascal Dey, Deirdre Tedmanson, Karen Verduyn
January 31, 2017

Entrepreneurship is largely considered to be a positive force, driving venture creation and economic growth. Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship questions the accepted norms and dominant assumptions of scholarship on the matter, and reveals how they can actually obscure important questions of...

Challenging Entrepreneurship Research

Challenging Entrepreneurship Research

1st Edition

Edited By Hans Landstrom, Annaleena Parhankangas, Alain Fayolle, Philippe Riot
June 28, 2016

The growth of entrepreneurship research has been accompanied by an increased convergence and institutionalization of the field. In many ways this is of course positive, but it also represents how the field has become "mainstream" with the concomitant risk that individual scholars become embedded in...

Family Entrepreneurship Rethinking the research agenda

Family Entrepreneurship: Rethinking the research agenda

1st Edition

Edited By Kathleen Randerson, Cristina Bettinelli, Giovanna Dossena, Alain Fayolle
December 22, 2015

Family business is the most prominent form of business organization, and its importance to the global economy cannot be under-estimated. Until recently, the impact of the family on entrepreneurial firms has been under-researched, leading to a conceptual gap between the two areas of study, and an ...

Rethinking Entrepreneurship Debating Research Orientations

Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Debating Research Orientations

1st Edition

Edited By Alain Fayolle, Philippe Riot
October 09, 2015

Entrepreneurship is a growing field of research, attracting researchers from many different disciplines including economics, sociology, psychology, and management. The concept of entrepreneurship, and research in the field, is becoming institutionalized, increasingly oriented by influential trends,...

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