1st Edition

Routledge Revivals: Sociology

    by Routledge

    This 20 volume Routledge Revivals collection brings together a selection of groundbreaking Sociology titles, from the rich and diverse Routledge backlist. With titles published between 1918 and 1991, this is a truly wide-ranging selection, encompassing works by distinguished authors such as: Zygmunt Bauman, Raymond Plant, L. T. Hobhouse, J. A. Hobson and Tom Bottomore.

    Dealing with everything from social justice to concepts of socialist utopia, to sexual politics, this set offers a collection of the best of Routledge publishing in the field of Sociology from across the Twentieth Century.

    Please note that all titles have been previously available for sale individually through the Routledge Revivals programme.

    Here is a full listing of titles in this collection:

    1. The Elements of Social Justice L. T. Hobhouse 

    2. The Metaphysical Theory of the State L. T. Hobhouse 

    3. Social and Moral Theory in Casework Raymond Plant 

    4. Community and Ideology Raymond Plant 

    5. Radicalism and the Revolt Against Reason Irving Louis Horowitz 

    6. Dialectical Phenomenology Roslyn Bologh 

    7. Love or Greatness Roslyn Bologh 

    8. Recreating Sexual Politics Victor Seidler 

    9. Memories of Class Zygmunt Bauman 

    10. Marxism and Historical Writing Paul Hirst 

    11. Socialism the Active Utopia Zygmunt Bauman 

    12. Freedom and Equality Keith Dixon 

    13. Social Evolution and Sociological Categories Paul Q. Hirst 

    14. Free-Thought in the Social Sciences J. A. Hobson 

    15. Western Sociologists on Indian Society G. R. Madan 

    16. Sociology Tom Bottomore 

    17. Theories of Modern Capitalism Tom Bottomore 

    18. Engels Revisited Edited by Janet Sayers, Mary Evans and Nanneke Redclift 

    19. The Concept of Social Change Anthony D. Smith 

    20. Social Development L. T. Hobhouse