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Routledge Security in Asia Pacific Series

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Series editors: Leszek Buszynski and William Tow, both Australian National University


New security concerns are emerging in the Asia Pacific region as global players face challenges from rising great powers, all of which interact with confident middle powers in complicated ways. This series puts forward important new work on key security issues in the region. It embraces the roles of the major actors, their defense policies and postures and their security interaction over the key issues of the region. It includes coverage of the United States, China, Japan, Russia, the Koreas, as well as the middle powers of ASEAN and South Asia. It also covers issues relating to environmental and economic security as well as transnational actors and regional groupings.

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Contemporary Korea-Southeast Asian Relations Bilateral and Multilateral

Contemporary Korea-Southeast Asian Relations: Bilateral and Multilateral

1st Edition

Edited By Lam Peng Er
January 29, 2024

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the relations between the two Koreas and the different ASEAN states, including their relations with ASEAN as an organization. It outlines a complex picture with both bilateral and multilateral relations in play at the same time. It charts for each ...

Vietnam and the United States Domestic Constraints and Strategic Opportunities

Vietnam and the United States: Domestic Constraints and Strategic Opportunities

1st Edition

By Le Thuy Trang
September 25, 2023

This book examines the unfolding new relationship between Vietnam and the United States (US) since the end of the Cold War, discussing how the relationship has emerged as one of the most intriguing facets of the regional geopolitical landscape and how the two countries turned from staunch ...

Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

1st Edition

By Senia Febrica
July 19, 2023

This book examines Indonesia’s strategies and policies to influence regional cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, focusing especially on Indonesia’s efforts to be the maritime fulcrum in the Indo-Pacific during President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) administration from 2014 until the present. Highlighting ...

Cambodia’s China Strategy Security Dilemmas of Embracing the Dragon

Cambodia’s China Strategy: Security Dilemmas of Embracing the Dragon

1st Edition

By Chanborey Cheunboran
January 09, 2023

This book explores the tensions within Cambodia’s foreign policy between a tight alignment with China, on the one hand, and Cambodia’s commitment to the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as its delicate foreign policy diversification towards other major powers, on the other...

The US-Thai Alliance and Asian International Relations History, Memory and Current Developments

The US-Thai Alliance and Asian International Relations: History, Memory and Current Developments

1st Edition

By Gregory Raymond, John Blaxland
May 31, 2021

Thailand, a long-standing defence partner of the United States and ASEAN’s second largest economy, occupies a geostrategically important position as a land bridge between China and maritime Southeast Asia. This book, based on extensive original research, explores the current state of US-Thai ...

China in Japan’s National Security Domestic Credibility

China in Japan’s National Security: Domestic Credibility

1st Edition

By Toshiya Takahashi
February 17, 2020

This book explores Japan’s emerging national security policy in relation to China. It considers the rise of nationalism in contemporary Japan, the recent actions of the Abe government to change Japan’s security policy course and the importance of domestic views, both elite and popular, about safety...

The South China Sea From a Regional Maritime Dispute to Geo-Strategic Competition

The South China Sea: From a Regional Maritime Dispute to Geo-Strategic Competition

1st Edition

Edited By Leszek Buszynski, Do Thanh Hai
December 13, 2019

This book explores the very latest developments in the South China Sea maritime dispute. It examines the South China Sea as an arena for geostrategic competition between China and the United States and why the dispute is so important for regional and global geopolitics. It outlines the most recent ...

Japan�s Search for Strategic Security Partnerships

Japan�s Search for Strategic Security Partnerships

1st Edition

Edited By Gauri Khandekar, Bart Gaens
December 12, 2019

As tensions between China and Japan increase, including over the disputed islands in the East China Sea, Japan has adopted under Prime Minister Abe a new security posture. This involves, internally, adapting Japan’s constitutional position on defence and, externally, building stronger international...

Geopolitics and the Western Pacific China, Japan and the US

Geopolitics and the Western Pacific: China, Japan and the US

1st Edition

By Leszek Buszynski
June 10, 2019

This book examines the development of China’s national ambitions under its current leader Xi Jinping and the dilemma they present for the United States and also Japan. It emphasises the importance of geopolitics, that is the way national strategies and policies are shaped and in some cases ...

Vietnam and the South China Sea Politics, Security and Legality

Vietnam and the South China Sea: Politics, Security and Legality

1st Edition

By Do Thanh Hai
March 05, 2019

Studies of the escalating tensions and competing claims in the South China Sea overwhelmingly focus on China and its increasingly assertive approach, while the position of the other claimants is overlooked. This book focuses on the attitude of Vietnam towards the South China Sea dispute. ...

South Asia's Nuclear Security

South Asia's Nuclear Security

1st Edition

By Bhumitra Chakma
December 22, 2017

South Asia is often viewed as a potential nuclear flashpoint and a probable source of nuclear terrorism. But, how valid are such perceptions? This book seeks to address this question and assesses the region’s nuclear security from two principal standpoints. First, it evaluates the robustness of the...

The New US Strategy towards Asia Adapting to the American Pivot

The New US Strategy towards Asia: Adapting to the American Pivot

1st Edition

Edited By William T Tow, Douglas Stuart
November 28, 2017

Barack Obama’s "rebalancing" or "pivot" strategy, intended to demonstrate continued US commitment to the Asia-Pacific region in a variety of military, economic, and diplomatic contexts, was launched with much fanfare in 2011. Implicit in the new strategy is both a focus on China – engagement with, ...

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