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Routledge Series on China-Europe Relations

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The Routledge Series on China-Europe Relations publishes original works contributed by leading European and Chinese scholars. It aims to investigate the complex relations between China and the European Union, the European major powers, and other groups of states such as the Central and Eastern European Countries. It creates a platform for European and Chinese academics to converse, exchange ideas, and finally deepen mutual understanding and foster cooperation.

This is the first book series exclusively on China-Europe relations, which has become even more important in the context of China-US competition and other formidable challenges on the global scale. It will appeal to researchers, diplomats, students, and professionals.

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The Connectivity Cooperation Between China and Europe A Multi-Dimensional Analysis

The Connectivity Cooperation Between China and Europe: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Liu Zuokui, Branislav Đorđević
January 29, 2024

This book is the first systematic China-based study on connectivity cooperation between China and Europe. It is packed with discussion of scholars not just from China, but also from Central and Eastern Europe on the origin and paradigm of China–European connectivity from a range of different ...

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