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Routledge Series on Family Therapy and Counseling

About the Series

The Family Therapy and Counseling Series is devoted to providing practitioners and students with current information on specific topics relevant to marriage and family therapy, counseling, couples therapy, and child and adolescent therapy.

Forthcoming volumes in the series will explore immigrant families, aging, couples therapy, and parenting.

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Couple and Family Assessment Contemporary and Cutting‐Edge Strategies

Couple and Family Assessment: Contemporary and Cutting‐Edge Strategies

3rd Edition

Edited By Len Sperry
May 21, 2019

The field of family, child, and couple assessment continues to evolve and change since the first edition of this book appeared in 2004. Couple and Family Assessment, Third Edition, is a thoroughly revised and updated resource for anyone working with children, adolescents, couples, and families. It ...

Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling A Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Approach

Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling: A Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Patricia A. Robey, Robert E. Wubbolding, Jon Carlson
May 24, 2017

Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling explores the most difficult issues that people in the helping professions face when treating couples and provides concrete solutions for addressing them effectively. Using the revolutionary choice theory and reality therapy approaches to couples counseling,...

Divorced, without Children Solution Focused Therapy with Women at Midlife

Divorced, without Children: Solution Focused Therapy with Women at Midlife

1st Edition

By Debra D. Castaldo
February 29, 2016

The topic of women divorced at midlife without children is one that has, to date, been absent from professional and academic literature, though these women make up a considerable and growing portion of our population. This book explores the experience, meaning, and impact of divorce at midlife for ...

Counseling and Family Therapy with Latino Populations Strategies that Work

Counseling and Family Therapy with Latino Populations: Strategies that Work

1st Edition

Edited By Robert L. Smith, R. Esteban Montilla
November 24, 2015

For the Latino population, the family bond is powerful and enduring. Family serves as the primary source of support, care, guidance, and healing; all difficulties that arise for an individual are surmounted together. Therefore, a practitioner working with a Latino client must gain the trust and ...

Family Art Therapy Foundations of Theory and Practice

Family Art Therapy: Foundations of Theory and Practice

1st Edition

By Christine Kerr, Janice Hoshino, Judy Sutherland, Sharyl Thode Parashak, Linda Lea McCarley
November 24, 2015

Family Art Therapy is designed to help the reader incorporate clinical art therapy intervention techniques into family therapy practice. Expressive modalities are often used in work with families, particularly visual art forms, and there is already considerable evidence and literature that point to...

Treating Families and Children in the Child Protective System Strategies for Systemic Advocacy and Family Healing

Treating Families and Children in the Child Protective System: Strategies for Systemic Advocacy and Family Healing

1st Edition

By Wes Crenshaw
November 24, 2015

Written by a psychologist who has worked with families and foster children for 11 years, Treating Families and Children in the Child Protective System is designed for therapists, social workers, family preservationists, court officers, attorneys, judges, and others caught up in the interplay of ...

Contemporary Families Translating Research Into Practice

Contemporary Families: Translating Research Into Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Scott Browning, Kay Pasley
June 17, 2015

Written for researchers, practitioners, and students in advanced courses, this book furthers our understanding of the complexity of contemporary families. Seven types of families are the focus of this book, based on the research available and the challenges they present for mental health ...

Recovering Intimacy in Love Relationships A Clinician's Guide

Recovering Intimacy in Love Relationships: A Clinician's Guide

1st Edition

Edited By Jon Carlson, Len Sperry
April 23, 2015

The loss of intimacy is one of the most difficult—but also one of the most common—factors in the destruction of any relationship. Recovering Intimacy in Love Relationships lays out practical, evidence-based guidelines on which clinicians can depend as they wade through the intense emotions and...

Working With Immigrant Families A Practical Guide for Counselors

Working With Immigrant Families: A Practical Guide for Counselors

1st Edition

Edited By Adam Zagelbaum, Jon Carlson
April 23, 2015

This book aims to create a foundation that respects theory, culture, and the mental health professions and to initiate the practical and needed discussions about how to work with immigrant families....

The Role of Religion in Marriage and Family Counseling

The Role of Religion in Marriage and Family Counseling

1st Edition

Edited By Jill Duba Onedera
February 27, 2015

Religion can play a vital role in the way people relate to each other, particularly with interpersonal dynamics within a family. The role of a couple or family’s religion(s) in the counseling room is no less important. This book provides practitioners with an overview of the principles of the major...

Multicultural Family Art Therapy

Multicultural Family Art Therapy

1st Edition

Edited By Christine Kerr
January 14, 2015

How does the family art therapist understand the complexities of another’s cultural diversity? What are international family therapist’s perspectives on treatment? These questions and more are explored in Multicultural Family Art Therapy, a text that demonstrates how to practice psychotherapy ...

Solving Modern Family Dilemmas An Assimilative Therapy Model

Solving Modern Family Dilemmas: An Assimilative Therapy Model

1st Edition

By Patricia Pitta
August 05, 2014

Context is the unifying principle that guides a therapist’s formulation of the modern family’s presenting dilemmas, functioning, relationships, and attitudes. We can no longer assume that a family is comprised of a mother, father, and children; the composition and systems a family operates within ...

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