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Routledge Series on India-China Studies

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India and China have many similarities but also many differences. They are both members of BRICS, G20 and other international organisations and regimes. They are also the two most populated countries in the world, sharing a long and respected history of early civilisations and a colonial past that became independent around the same time: India in 1947 and China in 1949. In the 1950’s, they were in the forefront of the Non-Aligned Movement and proposed the five principles of peaceful coexistence or ‘Panchsheel’. These five principles are the cornerstone of India’s and China’s foreign policy.

The two Asian giants with their rapid economic growth are surging ahead as world economic powers. They are emerging powers but are still developing countries. By 2030 both the countries are expected to become superpowers. Ceteris paribus, China will be the largest economy in the world in the next decade. India will become the third largest economy in 2025, the second largest by 2040 and the largest economy by 2060. As their economies grow, their concomitant political, economic and military power will also increase.

This series provides a platform for scholars to exhibit their research on the political, diplomatic, economic and strategic realtionship between these two emerging superpowers.


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India and China in Africa A comparative perspective of the oil industry

India and China in Africa: A comparative perspective of the oil industry

1st Edition

By Raj Verma
August 23, 2018

With their phenomenal growth rates, India and China are surging ahead as world economic powers. Due to increasing instability in the Middle East, they have turned to Africa to procure oil to fuel their industrialisation process. Africa’s economy stands to be impacted in various ways due to the ...

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